On Kelly Ripa: Corporate Aint Loyal

I’m not a daytime talkshow fan and I really don’t like Live with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. I love Mike in a sports setting, he really shines and has good commentary. Live with Kelly and Michael seemed so contrived to me and I just never clicked with the two of them together. I find Kelly’s overly perky too damn hype personality on air to be a pain in the ass. She probably was none of that this morning though as she made her way back to show after her angry exit over Michael leaving without a heads up.

The divide is deep. #TeamKelly and #TeamMichael sides trading insults on twitter and other outlets because Kelly felt disrespected and she was.

She was disrespected and has every right to be angry. She should be angry with her bosses who made the executive decision to keep her out of the loop while they made this backroom deal with Michael to go over to Good Morning America. She felt that after so many years, fifteen, with the show she deserved that much after all they were her second family…..screeeeeeeech….halt right there Kelly ,that is where you’re mistaken…very mistaken.

You and I know, real people, that there is no real job loyalty. I have had great jobs and great managers what I have not had is employee loyalty from the big corporate companies I worked for. I have seen jobs of friends relocated to other states and countries with a months notice.

How many times have you been hired for a job to the line we are all like family here? How long did you believe it before some shit went down and you realized you could get kicked out the family without even a warning? How many times have you worked over time, came in early, missed a funeral because your work ‘family’ needed things done and that was priority and happy to do it but only to get laid off while you read about the new CEO getting a ten million dollar bonus?

That’s the work family world we live in, the regular people but I guess its different for celebs with their name in the title of their own show. Well, their own show till the bosses, Disney this time, say otherwise. Now you know Kelly how your bosses really think. It is not about you its about them and what you can do for them till you are gone. I think Kelly is mad because for fifteen years she gave and gave to ABC and when it came time to give to her, other than that nice paycheck she receives, they gave to Michael.

Kelly, if you ever get a chance to move up and out you better do like Michael and take it and not think you might be hurting your work family because that loyalty thing….that aint real.

I was #TeamMichael for the simple fact that he didn’t fall into the hole Kelly got herself into. He was searching for a fit for him. Fifteen years you were happy in your job maybe Mike should have gave you the heads up but I don’t really think ya’ll were close co-workers to begin with. Don’t be mad at him because you played yourself believing the hype Disney fed you. Negotiate a sweet deal for yourself next contract renewal or move on.

Welcome to the real world Kelly.