Every painful story has successful end

Eidhi sab says that he spent whole night on bench in front of his dispensary with his ambulance he used to stay there so that in case of any emergency his dispensary and ambulance would be available for anyone who seeks and help any kind

This part of Eidhi sab life corresponds to the amal principle which is kam kam kam. Eidhi sab work for whole day and night for the betterment of the mankind for welfare of mankind. One thing which I learned from the book of Eidhi sab and from amal principle actually also exist in my life. There was a time when I wanted to take admission in Uet Lahore and for that I supposed to work very hard and for that I face many challenges and difficulties these was also the burden from the military operation in those days I woke up whole night to cover all my courses and I work very hard I used to set for the whole night to prepared the paper for my exam. At the end I worked hard and following the Amal principle kam kam kam I was able to get very high marks as there was chance for only two students to select for engineering course out of ten thousand and I was one them .

Support Female Education

1. I want to achieve this task to motivate our female youth towards their new world by providing them a platform of modern education because every educated female/women helps to have a positive impact on their families and in nowadays society women without education is blind

2. There were many challenges I face to achieving this task my first challenge was to convince their parents for their education it was very difficult for me because most of the parents were of illetrative idea and were not agreed on female education secondly I face big hurdle when I was wanted meeting with MNA for just start of school reconstruction

3. My first challenge was to convince our elder and deviate them from their illiterative ideas because first they were not agree to talk on this issue so I take its start from my own family second challenge for me was meeting MNA because I was to managed my own university study time and along with this I meet with him 2–3 times on this issue

4. I learned a lot from this situation like when there is away there is a well when someone want to do somethings what he need is just start and this is one of the major principle of Amal.