Usama bin Laden believed in Green Power

Houston we have a problem.

If you have been living on the planet Earth in the past five years consecutively, you have probably noticed changes in weather patterns and the climate. In the scientific community the term is Climate Change. Approximately, 60% of adults on Earth know the term however, even if one does not know the term it does not mean they aren’t noticing the changes. It’s astonishing that in the United States mentioning the term is so divisive that there is a partisan split on the issue. With the exception being #BlackLivesMatter, there is no other term that causes such a visceral reaction and heated debates in the United States. While Americans argue over the cause or if climate change is real the simple truths remain; 84% of scientists agree that climate change is real and is human caused, it’s drastically affecting the developing world, and we have entered the sixth mass extinction due to climate change. However, the most infamous proponent of addressing the issue of climate change was Usama bin Laden, the deceased leader of Al-Qaida.

Bin Laden was a Dick

Lets be frank, writing about Usama bin Laden believing in climate change is a catchier headline than writing “Its hot as hell outside, I’m tired of a Polar Vortex every winter in DC, I hate every summer I go to India and have to read about hundreds of people dying due to the heat, and if you don’t believe in this frankly your an idiot”. Usama’s belief and desire to address the issue of climate change does not absolve his crimes. Some of which include:

  1. As the founder and leader of Al Qaeda from 1988–2011, he was responsible for the death of thousands of civilians. 85% of which were Muslims and during his final years of life that number increased to a drastic 98% Muslim civilians murdered as a result of the terror group’s activities.
  2. In 1998 declared a fatwah (a religious idic; one of which he has no authority to give) declaring that all Americans and allies are to be targeted for attack by Muslims. This was ignoring if the victims were of civilian status or not. Glory be to God that the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world ignored him. Many of which live in allied nations of the USA such as Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. Also, neglecting that 6.6% of Americans and Europeans are Muslims.
  3. Drug trafficking, kidnapping, and theft were continuous sources of revenue for the leader of the terror organization. Despite being a contradiction to the values of Islam and to international law which Muslims are supposed ordained to follow through commandments from their Prophet Muhammad. I have yet, to read in the Quran or Hadith a commandment advising a young Khadija to “Move that dope”.

Yet, despite the fact Usama was a demented fellow that advocated for the death innocent human beings; he wanted to address the issues of climate change. Yes, Usama bin Laden the murderous founder of Al Qaeda, the man that ordered his subordinates to attack and kill Americans and allies regardless of religion or military status, cared about climate change. He went so far as to write a letter to the American people to advice them to help President Obama in “a rational decision to save humanity from the harmful gases that threaten its destiny.”. According to US Intelligence he is also accredited with writing “Had only 1 percent of [war] expenditures gone to relief, together with a sincere and experienced workforce, the earth’s face would have changed, likewise the poor people’s condition would have improved much decades ago,”.

The Great GOP Leader has no such worries

However, the great Republican front runner Donald Trump has assured the American people that climate change is not really an issue and that in the 1920s the global cooling was the all the rave.

I guess the issues the Big D is more concerned with is the “Mexican rapists”, “Banning all Muslims” or if he will accept the support of the Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke.

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