HOT Resume to get an Interview

Hum……. HOT Resume

Why HOT?

Because I like my

  • Coffee hot
  • Tea hot
  • Food hot
  • Soup hot

Same way I want my Resume Hot

If you want a HOT resume, keep reading you will get Interview faster than you got so far or never got.

How we make hot?

Coffee, tea, and food I warm up 20 seconds to a minute in a microwave.

To a soup, I add a dash of chili or spices.

I am a resume makeover artist so add spices to a resume and make it hot.

My resume is HOT when it has

  1. H — Headline
  2. O — Own Stories
  3. T — Title

To make your resume hot start with

Clear Objective

Getting a job is the goal, but clarity will make your resume effective. And I wish you are clear to the company you want to apply minimum if not post or position. Never spend a dime or time on industry focus or generic resumes advice.

Then learn

Whom you are writing and what they want

You are writing to companies for a job so know what recruiters and hiring managers look for in resumes and,

1. Tell upfront to HR Managers what you contribute to them? The headline will do it.

2. Tell your experience with success stories because HR managers look for achievements and action takers.

The headline will compel recruiter to notice you and stories will interest hiring manager. He wants to know more about you so will call for an interview.

Above is the foundation and no one talks about it.

HOT Resume

Simple recipe for HOT Resume is to have three elements on resume

  • Headline
  • Own Stories
  • Title

I am an advocate of headline and writing stories in resume experiences.

Don’t worry about word “Story” You are not writing a novel. You write your experience with 2–4 sentences story with two bullets.

There is an industry shouting for best formats, designs, and templates for a resume. Spend money and time only if you believe

‘The Best dressed man/woman gets a job.’

It is never. You are judged by your opening statement in less than a minute. A resume is you in person virtually so your opening statement is the headline. Unfortunately, you don’t have it.

Recruiters and hiring managers give zero marks to design or formats and hate templates.


Let us talk stories.

Here is an example from IT Internship seeker who asked me on That resume experience has,

IBM, Lenexa, Kansas, USA

Software Engineer Intern in Quality Assurance May/2014-Aug/2014

• Creation of a new, fully documented, testing solution for Graphical User Interface (GUI) software for Informix software suite, diminishing the workforce needed for testing, the solution was modular and easy to expand.

• Created and presented several presentations about IBM technology and roadmap.

I suggested

You mentioned “diminishing the workforce needed for testing” in your IBM experience.

An excellent point I write it as

IBM: Lenexa, Kansas, USA

Software Engineer Intern in Quality Assurance

Diminish People Needed for GUI Testing

At IBM I was part of research …………

And your two bullets.”

You can do it easily.

When explaining your experiences story is a must. Write 2–4 sentences and it has a sub-head.


‘PPC Hawk’

“Allow me to say my boss our President called me ‘Hawk.’ This is because I changed his mind for scheduling and bidding ads for weekends with data from analytic he never used to have.”

Then, write why and how about the success or thing you mentioned in the story and your responsibilities.

You find difficult to tell worthwhile things. I know most have a problem articulating their good work. Let me help you.

Answer following questions and you will have good stuff to say on a resume.

1. For what I was best?

2. When have I been first to start or initiate?

3. What is the №1 thing I achieved?

4. What have I been publicly recognized for?

Answer these for each job. And put off your judgment and think of work done. It is worth telling. Let others be a judge, not you. You have to tell a story what you did in that job. You want HR Manager’s interest.


A resume is for getting a job and the first step is an interview so resume’s function is to get an interview, period.

1. To grab the reader attention — A headline should grab the recruiter and HR manager’s attention.

2. Deliver a complete message — A headline should answer what’s in it for the company.


Prove you’re an impressive candidate with Title.

State you are

‘# 1 Sales Manager for 7 years in a raw’


‘Turnaround Artiest (Your Name)’

Second answer what is in for HR Manager

Sample headline for different color

  • Do you want to be in Inc 500? (I did it. My XYZ Company is 2016 Inc 374)
  • Market Dominator — I will bring you in Top Three. We at ABC Company grab 70% market share in two years.

Headline is to compel reading

What are the top things you want employers to know to prove you’re an impressive candidate?

A snapshot of information that highlights your achievements and that shows up prominently throughout your resume.

You should write sub-heads at different sections in the resume.

Write at the top, either above or below the title

And boldly tell who you are

‘1996 University Topper (Your Name)


‘Marketing Award Winner (Your Name)’

Want to write killer resumes?

Check my book it is useful. Have a look at Amazon.

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