Raj Shah, Founder, And Director Of Swytch Web3 Technologies: Changing The Game

Raj Shah
2 min readSep 23, 2022


Raj Shah, Founder, and Director of Swytch Web3 Technologies has embraced crypto technology and worked with various startups across the world to revolutionize the blockchain industry.

What was your vision when you decided to create Swytch?

I wanted to eliminate barriers to blockchain Tech adoption for the average person. The advent of new technology is allowing people to conduct financial transactions that are anonymous, validated, can be trusted, and have a system of accounting, all through a distributed ledger system that has become known as the blockchain. I created Swytch as a virtual studio to produce blockchain or Web3 products by giving design and development services. These services can give power to smaller communities that are not that tech-savvy, so that they can run themselves, and maximize the value of their product. This soon developed and today we are using this new technology to pursue decentralization, financial independence, and individual liberty.

How quickly have things grown since you established the company?

We’ve grown exponentially. Today we have resources to work worldwide and a team of over 60+ innovators and engineers developing GameFi and DeFi products while backing the latest developments in disruptive blockchain-based innovations. Decentralized technology is set to revolutionize the digital world and Swytch is at the forefront. Swytch was borns from its sister company Avalor where the company was engaged in the same line of business.

Why did you decide to establish your headquarters in India despite the government not supporting cryptocurrencies?

Indian founders have become a leader when it comes to innovation and forward-thinking. Being patriotic and a close follower of Indian legislation, we believe that there is no harm to entities giving services to the blockchain, web3 and/or cryptocurrency projects. Moreover, the demographic presence in India may create an impact if things turn around, but the operations and business side of the domain still remains the same.

What are your plans for the future?

My approach with Swytch has been twofold: invest in people and their ideas, and educate everyone else so they are not missing out. Businesses need to understand how blockchain technology can catapult them into the future, so they aren’t left behind. As an IT development company, Swytch’s dogma is “your swytch to web3.” It’s not just about handing over money; it’s about utility, infrastructure, incubating, and advising — all components of a successful IT firm.