Why I Became Intentionally Homeless in San Francisco
Kristin Hanes

Please pass along this information to your followers. I understand your situation very well and can relate to it up to a certain point. Although I have not chosen to intentionally go homeless, I was able to figure out how to beat the high rent system through another source. That source is the SF Mayor of Housing program. It is a government program for affordable housing, yet with all this talk of high rent I have yet to see articles such as yours refer to this program.

Through this program I purchased a brand new 2 bedroom/2 bathroom home in downtown San Francisco next to Twitter for $255,000 in July of 2016. There are only two conditions to qualify and that is you either have to live or work in SF and have to make a certain salary. I believe that with your situation you and your bf can qualify for a 2 bedroom condo in SF.

You can visit my LinkedIn profile to contact me and learn more about the program.


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