Let thieves steal your “smart” phone !

Photo by Rami Al-zayet on Unsplash

If you are wondering what the fu** is about that title, please give me a moment to explain.

Lets face it, we are all addicted to our “smart” phones. We can’t imagine a minute without our “smart” phone. You even use your “smart” phone in the bathroom. And “smart” phone manufactures are making sure you can. Thats why every flagship “smart” phone this days coming with IP68 water resistance. They advertise this feature as they are making the phones so durable, so that when you are out in the wild(jungle, desert, sea, north/south pole) with your friends it doesn’t matter your life sustains or not your smartphone should sustain and keep your precious memory (the photos, videos you captured while not enjoying the adventure) intact. But lets be honest, the only wild experience you encounter in your daily life is getting up from bed, go to the bathroom and suddenly discover for some wild reason the wifi signal is weak in the bathroom and realizing you are going to be disconnected from the whole world for a very long time (10 to 20 minutes, depending how long you take to shower).

How can you know you are addicted to your “smart” phone?

Its easy. So, next time when you are with your friends and feel like no one is giving you enough attention you deserve and to fu** the pain away you bring out your “smart” phone and start scrolling Instagram news feed, you my friend is addicted to “smart” phone. You are in a restaurant, and you are more interested about checking in, taking selfies and taking pictures of your food rather then enjoying whats in front of you to eat, you my friend is addicted to “smart” phone. You wake up in the morning, and the first thing you do after opening your eyes is check your notifications, you my friend is addicted to “smart” phone. You have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you guys chat all night long, but when you meet, there is awkward silences, you don’t know what to talk about, you both check out your phones to remove pressure, then you my friend is so into your “smart” phone. Its time you ditch this relationship for your “smart” phone. And if you do none of this things read this article anyway. Good stuffs are coming.

So why we are so addicted to our “smart” phone?

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

You heard about that thing called “Reward Molecule”, right? If not, its a certain neurochemical named Dopamine which is released in the brain after we accomplish something. Its supposed to make us feel good. You know that feeling when your crush tells you “Hey, you look good” and you feel nice about yourself, in the meantime some dopamine is released in your brain. According to research and studies, “smart” phones are dopamine gold mine. Every time you post something on social network you expect your network to notice you. When this expectations are met dopamine is released and we feel good about ourself. We as a human being need social validation to live in society. A Facebook ‘like’ or Instagram ‘love’ gives us just that. It makes us feel wanted. Even though we are absolute jerks when it comes to interacting and maintaining a real social life. Every time a new level is completed in a “smart” phone game, it gives us a satisfaction of accomplishment. Our brains rewards system makes us feel good.

This feelings are really addictive. Dopamine addiction is stronger then ‘Cocaine’ even though we don’t realize it. The side effects of feeling good is when you start feeling good by repeatedly doing something, our brains pleasure seeking system gets firmware updates. The brain now signals you to do more of that stuff that you were doing. Don’t blame brain, it just wants us to be happy. Then you start interacting more with your “smart” phone. Eventually you find yourself addicted to this god damn machine. May be this is the reason ‘Facebook addiction’ is searched more then ‘Cigarette addiction’ in Google. Few days ago I saw a paper about how posting on social media together as a couple can lead to a better relationship. Thats how much we are invested on Dopamine addiction.

So “smart” phone addiction is bad?

Ummm, yes. Every social networking apps you use on your “smart” phone wants you to waste more time with it. Every online multiplayer games you play wants you to play a little bit more. Youtube wants you to watch one more videos. When you are using this apps you loose track of time. Hours passes by you don’t feel a thing. Because you are inside a roller coaster ride of social validation. Every second there is something new happening in the news feed. With every scroll you find new memes, new photos of your crush, your favorite videos. Real life is not so fast as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter news feed. Real life is slow fu**ing shit. In real life you don’t get immediate attention to your every action. After a period of time, you are so addicted to new things happening all the time you can’t focus on slow and boring stuff like doing your job, completing your homework etc. Losing focus from the things that are important can’t cost you in the long run.

Now what about that title

My smartphone was stolen a few days ago. I decided I wont buy a new one until I recover from “smart” phone addiction. I love this decision. If i hadn’t took that decision I wouldn’t be able to finish up a particular work in just one week which was on my to do list incomplete for one year. I found consistency in my life. Irony is, now that I have given up using “smart”phone, I feel smarter then before. I can now work and focus better then before. I don't feel uncomfortable in public. I can connect with people better then before. And most interesting of them all I feel less urgency in my life, because I am not wasting time anymore. I don’t have that fear of missing out anymore. I realized, all those memes in Facebook, all those choreographed Instagram photos about peoples life doesn’t mean any shit. Likes, loves and favorite reaction is not going to change my life. Now that I have given up receiving my daily doses of dopamine shot from “smart” phone, my brain is trying to get that feeling of accomplishment, social validation and reward from other sources. I programmed myself to get this pleasure from achieving real life goals.

So If you are really deciding that you’ll let someone steal your “smart” phone make sure to delete all sensitive information from the phone.

And what’s the point of using a “smart” phone, if it makes us dumb?