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The first step in [I think] all ML methods is preprocessing data which helps improve the quality of data and promotes the extraction of meaningful insights.

In general, the real-world data is usually incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent. For today, I want to quickly go over the methods of importing data and prepare them for the next step.

The main steps for preparing data can be considered as follows: (1) Importing Required libraries, (2) Importing data (This data can be in any form e.g. CSV file, Excel file, etc.), …

Okay…. Day one…

Before starting, I really do hope that I will not give up what I have started today (finger crossed)

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How I feel the road is… not straight but not too hilly :)

The initial and foremost step…

For the first day, I just want to spend a few hours on reviewing the libraries and packages which are necessary in this road. At the beginning of each, I usually spend a considerable amount of time to prepare my setup an re-check the version of the libraries (for instance, TensorFlow which currently is important to know the version of the library installed on your machine because there is a huge (in my opinion) difference between version 1.0…

Why Am I Doing This?

After spending a lot of time in computer science (almost entire of my life) and also in Machine Learning in the last few years, I definitely feel that I need to review and categorized what I have learned so far.

If You Are Among These Group of People… You know What I Am Talking About!

I’m sure that you know what I’m talking about, if you are among those students/developers who feel that they have learned the concepts very well but just forgot a few things like specific method in a library, specially when you have not used them for a few weeks or months, and whenever you need to…

There are a few moments in your life that you feel you need to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and look back… look at the way that you have come so far… and I bet if 10 years ago you were told that 10 years from now you will be there you would probably laugh… but this is the life and this is what really happens… (Well… at least it’s happened to me)… The process of life is Byzantine and the Kafkaesque part is you know it’s happening and you almost can do nothing about that! …

Shahrokh Shahi

I’m a PhD student in Computer Science — Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) at the Georgia Institute of Technology 🔗

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