I rarely encounter the term emotional labor in the world of design, and that troubles me. In this brief post, I’ll explain why it needs to be part of our vocabulary.

I’m using the word design to encompass UI, UX, experience, service, brand, behavior, and org design. …

In the wake of Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini’s “How Apple is Giving Design a Bad Name” I think it’s time to revisit a shift we all need to be more cognizant of.

Apple is no longer a hardware and/or software company. Apple is a fashion company, and in fashion companies, the role of design is style definition.

Shahrzad Samadzadeh, originally created for Adaptive Path’s Ideas

When they released iOS7 in 2013, Apple signaled a major change in how UI and digital experience…

Shahrzad Samadzadeh

Product & service design leader. Currently @Salesforce, formerly @Cooper @AdaptivePath. Views are my own.

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