Don’t Make a Journey Map: 9 archetypes of good / bad, and how to decide what to use

Expectation setting

What’s with all the hype?

What is this thing again?

What is a journey map? Explained in an image.

Why is this important?

Journey maps can do a lot of good stuff for your work.

What’s the problem?

There are many types of journey maps.

The six types of journey maps

Example of a Product/Service Experience journey map.
Example of a Channels & Touchpoints journey map.
Example of a Persona’s Narrative journey map.
Example of a UX Flow journey map.
Example of an Emotional journey map.
Example of a Blueprint journey map.

TL;DR! Can you summarize this for me?

A chart of the six common types of journey maps.

What makes a journey map “good” or “bad”?

The qualities of good and bad journey maps. I think you can figure out which is which.

Let’s look at 3 archetypes of bad journey maps

Some guidelines for making journey maps

Here’s an example

Reality check

The 6 types of journey maps can be hybridized endlessly.

Shahrzad Samadzadeh

Written by

Product & service designer. Currently @Salesforce, formerly @Cooper @AdaptivePath. Views are my own.

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