Why do we listen to music?

Vibration for the ear heart and mind

Music; a part of cultures, worldwide finding its roots in scriptures traced back to ancient times, music has been an integral part of religions, recreations and rhymes. For the intellectual a treat, for the beggars a business, for a common man an escape; music surpasses boundaries. Imagine you come home from an arduous day of work; traffic noises still making your head explode. You put down your keys, take off your coat and before moving on to your ever inviting bed for a tranquil sleep, and hit the play button on your sound system. Your room immerses in the soothing notes of Beethoven’s symphony, resonating in each corner subliminally calming your nerves. Or better yet! imagine a dull Monday afternoon; everybody sulking from the monotonous schedule, and the speakers blasting with your favorite Maroon 5 track making everyone get on their toes bumping waists. The possibilities with music are endless and infinite is its reach. After all who could have thought that mere vibrations in the air might have such a profound influence in our lives. But is music confined to being a scientific phenomenon? I don’t think so! Which brings us to the basest of questions — Why do we listen to music?

1. Appeal to emotions

There are moments when we require an answer to our feelings. Moments when any person, even our close loved ones can’t get us out of the emotional ambiguity. But the best part is that there is almost always a kind of music which appeals to some or the other emotion of ours. Sometimes a friend calming us down in our tumultuous phases, Sometimes a teacher shedding light on the darkest of paths, and sometimes just a companion in the long tiresome journey of life music always has our back.

2. Way of living

Haven’t we as music lovers seen a paradigm shift in music and its listeners over the decades. With changing times music has changed more than a theater artist changing costumes during a play. Walk down the road once and you can find different people with their own approach in life acting in accordance to their taste in music.

Undoubtedly music has a great deal of impact on our behavior. A rock lover is often rebellious in attitude, ready to take challenges while a classical aficionado is more laid back and prefers stability to chaos. In other words Music helps understand our inner being.

3. Fandom

More in touch with behavior but still independent in existence is our persona. Each music genre holds a certain ideology, a certain trend if I might say. Artists help manifest them in a person or a band. Haven’t we often observed that to stand out in this world of billions we assume an identity quite familiar to our favorite artist. For instance Rap represents the thug life,Pop takes us into the party scene while Metal introduces us to the inner demon. This feeds our sense of belonging helping us feel a part of a movement by accentuating our identity.

4. Escape

How many times in a day does our mind caves in. Long hours of work, stressful relationships and the same old sequence of events. Man has become more like a machine. In such situations Music has more often than not come to the rescue as our Savior. Just put your headphones in the jack, scroll through your list of favorite songs and Viola! you are good to go.

5. Profession

Moolah! Moolah! Moolah! that’s the prize for all that make it big in the music industry. Artists in music are said to be among the elites in the monetary sphere. After all its not easy to capture emotions in songs. But the strife is hard and exhausting and only a person with dedication and an Ear for music can survive in this harsh industry. So go ahead and ask yourself. Are You The One?!

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