Cost of poor quality

Before Habit:

I was not taking any interest in how i spend my time which resulted in poor quality out comes. i was not planning how to spend my time most of my time spend on idle activities.

After habit:

After studying the COPQ I realized how to spend my purpose fully. i started to plan my activities and try to gain quality outcomes.


5 S’s

Before habit:

i never really gave a great attention to make my life easy. Before studying this topic my life was kind of everything was place but after the learning it turns out to be There is a place for everything. By applying the rules of 5 S, I now keep my room clean, my books and clothes are sorted out and dusting is done on daily basis to keep myself healthy.

After habit:

After achieving the 1) sorting in my life the life was going good and also the sorting was easy to do every thing in the right way 2)set in order i am able to do right things in my life i am putting the thing at the right places or in order 3)shine is also play very important role in solving my life issues 4)standardizing also play a important role to standardize my life 5) sustain is the thing which is completely decide my thing in a better way.



Before habit:

six sigma is that concept which is driving the force or eliminating the defects before when i was did not study the six sigma in my life. my life was full of errors or defects. I was always not doing the right things in my life.

After habit:

After study the six sigma i want to reduce the error or defects in my life and also wanted to do good in my life I always try to reduce defects or present the solutions to solve the problems.



Plan was not present in my life due to which i did not plan any thing before doing any activities the out comes mostly narrative.due to this i always prefer this concept which is present in my life.


AFTER study the PDCA I always prefer to do the things in a positive manner in my life because due to PDCA i am able do good in my future planning .then analyse my problem and issues that arises in my life and finding the right way to resolving the issues and problems of that things.




Its purpose is to eliminate product defects by preventing, correcting, or drawing attention to human errors as they occur.That things was totally off from my life in my back days or poka yoke also mean mistake-proofing that was totally left in my life because i was not focused in my life either they are going in smoothly manners.


After the study the key concept of poke yoke. i am able to complete my life and to ignoring the mistake that arises in my life or improving the mistake that is creating the hardens in my life.

poka yoke analysis
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