How to wear different types of women belts

Women’s belts differ according to fashion trends, eras, designs and materials these ladies’ belts are made from. Depending on the belt style, the women’s belt is fitted with a belt buckle or is tied without a belt buckle.

Women’s western belts are usually leather belts but can be elastic waist belts too. Western belts for women vary from skinny belts to wide belts. Trendy western belts are decorative in nature with prominent rhinestone, studs and other glittery belt buckles. The belts can be natural brown leather belts, or colorful red or black belts worn with dresses, jeans or skirts.

Leather belts are traditionally worn through the belt loops of pants or a pair of jeans. Black skinny leather belts or other neutral colors are generally associated with women’s leather belts. However, leather belts are not limited to plain styles. The variety is astounding from skinny belts to wide leather belts in various colors with different styled belt buckles. Leather belt buckles are adorned with rhinestones, beads and other jewels. Leather belts fit all types of occasions and pockets too from cheap belts to the other extreme of expensive designer belts.


Chain belts are not tight fitting belts and are usually worn on the hips or low on the natural waistline. Gold or metal chain belts are worn with evening wear or more formal dressy look. The chains vary from chunky large chains to delicate small links.

Waist belts and other women’s belts made from various materials like silks, stains, velvet or canvas are tied with decorative knots or bows. Bridal sash belts are great examples how decorative bows and knots make elaborate fashion statements. Elastic belts are made of stretchy material and can be worn by most body types in the natural waist or empiric waist. Stretch belts are worn with dresses, jeans and blouses. has a variety of women’s belts for sale. Visit our online shop and pick the right ladies’ belt for you.