Insanity lies between the doing of good and evil

Put a fish out of water and it’ll die. Put a fish in the water and it’ll thrive. But what if, there’s an in-between? I’m sure you’ll be thinking about soaking that damn fish halfway into the water — I’m not talking about that. Before we dive into the depths of my mind, I want to bring you through my perceptions of doing good and evil.

Bad intentions, physically or mentally is a slippery slope. What do I mean by bad? An act of evil is when you perform an act at a biased interest. There is a one-sided superficial force that one is acting upon another or oneself. One can be oblivious to the acts that they are doing when doing evil, these acts are swift, too swift for the capable mind to stop the process. The acts of evil are often accompanied by self-proclaimed reasoning and justification, which is why I feel that it is a slippery slope. For example, you enter a crowded bus and managed to squeeze through the crowd and landed yourself in the middle of the bus. Feeling content, you suddenly remember you forgot to pay your bus fare and the bus driver is too busy ushering the crowd to notice your mistake. This is where your mind resonates with you, would you proceed to pay your fare by kindly asking the passengers to tap your card? Or would you simply give it a miss? Your mind fools you telling you that it’s okay to give it a miss because you shouldn’t ‘trouble others’ or ‘it’s just $2, an inconsiderable amount’. Fact is, the bus driver would be unhappy if they knew you didn’t pay your fare. Evil is an element we humans have yet to control, and it’s sad to see the consequences of this on a much, much larger scale.

Doing good is simple, natural and straight-forward. It is natural for us humans to do good — I’d say the same for evil too, but that is a habit and I will go through that in a different post. Doing good requires little and it goes a long way. Something as little as a smile of acknowledgement can lead to a connection between two parties. A doing of good only requires two factors, an initiative and a motive to create a win-win solution. It contains little to no consequences and probably keeps the world going. Throwing away oneself for the sake of others is not an act of good, it is an act of evil sugarcoated by our foolish minds. We often practice the act of good with awareness, every act we perform that brings about good is observed and processed by our eyes and minds. We are in control when we are doing good.

I perceive that there is an in-between in good and evil. It’s an element that could drive a mind insane. All living animals are born with instinct that we belong to a certain category. Weaker fish swim with weaker fish and stronger fish swim with stronger fish. A person that belongs to the category A will behave in a certain way as compared to another in category B. Lets say you take person A and tell them about the benefits of B and consequences of A. B, born and raised with knowledge of it’s kind is now exposed to new elements that prove worthy. This person is stuck between crossroads. It is the margin of insanity. What you thought has been right all your life is now theoretically, or reasonably wrong and vice-versa. Your mind cannot compute which is the correct path to follow. Horrific, indeed.

I always believe in the rights of doing good. However, I am aware that I am afraid of the incompatibility of good in the current world today. Human beings has lived long enough to discover the deepest part of the evil. We are all living on a thin string of hope that our future generations will bring about a different and more positive perspective, and I will do my part in this regime.

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