The Run.

man, are they beautiful!
wahahaha gotcha!

As i got closer to the fishing spot, I took out my lure of choice — a amber coloured rubber shad. It was rigged onto a 7g jighead to allow casting distance and sinking. I aimed my cast, wssshhh, plop! I counted to three and started retrieving the reel at a constant speed. I could see the lure from afar wriggling its way towards me. Thump! I felt a strong tug and FISH ON!! The fish swam for its dear life and the reel drag was screaming at me. I controlled my line as the fish swirled left and then right. Man, was I panicking. The fish then darted diagonally and somersaulted like some gymnastic act. As i reeled the fish closer, I lipped the fish and brought it to land. I hastily snapped a few trophies and safely released the fish back into the water. The game starts over again.

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