A step-by-step guide to turning your birthday into a beach retreat by Bohoing

Shar Behzadian
Sep 24 · 5 min read

Imagine turning your birthday into a small beach retreat,
gather your friends in a beautiful bohemian space on the beach,
And, re-create your favorite experiences for your loved ones.
Watch them experience transformational rituals and see the love in their eyes.
What a beautiful way to celebrate you and your friendships!

I call it Boho-ing: The art of bohemian get-togethers that celebrate us for who we really are and cultivate shared experiences.

Okay now let’s create.

Space Design

First thing’s first: you need a bohemian table & seats for your guests.
“Bohemian” literally means someone that curates art and culture from around the world to mix & match & design her lifestyle based on her favorites. So let the space represent your favorite cultures.
You will need 2–3 hours to make the space ready so begin setting up 3 hours before your friends get there.
Things you need:
A long bamboo blanket, cushions, a long wooden table, flowers, bamboo plates, string lights, and candles to make it cozy.

Take the pieces to your favorite beach and start setting up. For inspiration on ways to set up space, check out @Boho.Experience instagram page.

Tip: Add a few colorful decorative pieces that you curated from your travels around the world to personalize the space.

Experience Design

Start your beach retreat with an experience that facilitates connections and cultivates conversations. Some of your friends might not know each other. It is your job to ensure everyone feels comfortable to speak up and talk to everyone at the table.

My favorite opening for every birthday is the Mayan Cacao ceremony.
The Mayan Cacao ceremony opens the heart. It is the perfect opening to an evening of laughter and lovely conversations.

When an experienced facilitator leads the Cacao ceremony, everyone gets invited to close their eyes, bring the cacao to their heart and set an intention.

“Cacao opens the heart. Feel your heart and take a sip.” She says, raises the cup and invites everyone to set an intention for the birthday girl’s upcoming year. Guests get invited to share their intentions.

By far, this is the part that always gives me goosebumps.
I have seen eyes tearing up with joy, tight hugs and deep nostalgic stories exchanged.

To create an ideal bohemian beach retreat for your friends, you want to add one or two more activities to the gathering. Try to diversify the types of activities as well as the cultural origins of it.

Ask yourself, do you want to focus on connections and conversations?
Or, would you rather focus on relaxing at the beach?

For example; If you were to design for connection and diversify the cultural aspect of your experiences, you can:
Start with a Mayan Cacao ceremony to cultivate connections.
Continue with a co-creation of flower headpieces facilitated by a San Franciscan Artist to cultivate creativity and conversations.
Then end with a Hawaiian sunset meditation to keep the theme of connections as well as relaxation.

You can diversify activities depending on the theme: to relax, to flow and to create. At Bohoing, we have curated some of our favorite activities from around the world that I’d like to suggest as ideas for your beach retreat:

Tea ceremony — The traditional tea ceremony is a silent practice that brings you a deep connection to self and others.

Cacao ceremony — A Mayan tradition that opens the heart and facilitates heart-centered connection.

Sunset meditation — I suggest Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer for sunset meditation.

Future self-meditation — A guided meditation with silent disco headsets that teleport you to the future to meet your future self and hear guidance.

Spirit Animal Meditation — A guided meditation to meet your spirit animal and receive a gift.

Reiki — a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Thai Massage — Bring a masseuse for relaxing sunset bodywork.

Interactive poetry reading — A facilitated Rumi poetry reading experience that flows into channeling songs, improvisation and conversations.

Live guitar & music as medicine — An artist plays medicine music with songs on growth and connection

Acroyoga or yoga — A yoga teacher joins your group to take you through a one-hour yoga flow

Eye-gazing & paintings based on connection — An artist joins your group to facilitate an eye-gazing and connection game that breaks down awkward moments brings people closer and results in the creative inspiration that enables each guest to create paintings about connections.

Facilitated interactive hand painting — An artist & storyteller joins the group to tell a story about sacred symbols and facilitate conversations that leads into drawing sacred symbols on the hands of each other and honoring each other for our truth.

Henna body painting — Invite a henna artist to create henna art on your hands.

I strongly suggest inviting an experienced artist or facilitator to turn your beach gathering into a full bohemian retreat.

At Bohoing, we are a collective of +50 bohemian artists based in Los Angeles and San Francisco that facilitate these activities on a regular basis.

Reach out to team@bohoing.com for an intro to any of there artists or to hire the team to do all of the above for you.

Instagram: instagram.com/boho.experience
Website: https://bohoing.com/occasions

Shar Behzadian

Written by

Founder @ TravTribe. Loves adventure travel and water sports. Lives in SF, California. https://travtribe.com/sharzadian

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