Reading books

Apr 9, 2019 · 1 min read

Many years ago — of course beside the famous and beautiful Romance-books and Self-help books and Self-development books — indeed and more than the others, my favorite author was Paulo Coelho and I remember that I read almost all his books that sounded to me very inspiring.

Also I loved his writing Style.

Sometimes even I felt that some of his texts expressing me and my emotions and my thoughts exactly as well as I was.

But after that years and now and nowadays I read more various books from more various authors, For example, Milan Kundera, and many more.

Especially Nowadays besides the other authors, the author who I’d love to read many more books from him is Alain de Botton.

In my opinion, he focuses on many kinds of stuff that are our concerns in our everyday life and help us to get along and dealing with them better as he founded the Place named “The School of Life” to help people “live a calmer, wiser, more fulfilled life.

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