Hiring a Remote Freelance Web Developer for Your Dream Website Project

You want to build your website, which stands out of the 380 websites created every minute and every day? This guide is surely for you to hire a star developer for your website project.

The internet revolution led the website business to skyrocket. There are approx 380 new websites created every minute. A conservative estimate shows that there are around 1,518,207,412 existing websites as of now.

Whether you want to make your business available online or you want a personal/professional promotion, You need a website to be online always. There are a lot of other reasons why you need a website. However, since this article is about Hiring a web developer, I will be focussing on that specific topic.

I am Shahzad Mirza, founder, and CEO at Designs Valley. During the last 14 years as a freelance web developer, I was able to help 100s of online clients to make their website project successful.

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Getting Ready With Your Website Requirements

Before you hire a web designer or a programmer, you should be ready with the website requirements you want to build. This is not the all-size-fit situation, where I can tell you the more specific needs of the website. However, this guide can help you prepare the website document with the requirements ready to send to the web developers when you want to hire one.

1. What are the requirements to create a website?

A website needs a domain, web hosting, and some other essential things to make your website online. Here is a list of things that you can get prepared before starting further work on your website requirements.

  1. Domain
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Business Email
  4. Website Logo
  5. Stock Images

Preparing your website requirements document

This is an essential part of building a successful website. It can make or break the purpose of the site if not done carefully.

First of all, you should have an idea of what type of website you want to build. You may want a photographer, plumber, technician, carpet cleaning, attorney website, or maybe you are looking for an online store. You may look into the website already built by others in your space. Here are the things to look around and prepare your website requirement document.

  1. Your Domain & Website Hosting Details: You should write down the domain you have bought for your website and include the web hosting details too. This will be used by the web developer when he wants to upload a demo onto your web server.
  2. Example Website: You may want to check out some of the websites already built by others on your site. Get an idea about the website layout and functions which you like the most and list these websites in your Word document. I would suggest you find out at least two websites that inspire you the most to build your site.
  3. Color Pallets: You should be clear about what color pallets you want to add to your website. Ideally, you may want to use the primary color of your logo. If you’re going to get some idea about what color pallets to choose, I would suggest you check this website out to pick a plan of the color pallet you want to use. When you have an idea of the color pallets, You should write that idea to the Word document with clear instructions about which color to use as background and which is your headline color, etc.
  4. Website Functionality: If your website idea includes some particular website functionalities like contact form, email opt-in forms, SSL, User-roles, Analytics, and Tracking, or a landing page, You should write about where and how you want them to function on your website.
  5. Performance & Accessibility: Today, almost all the website owners want their website to be accessed quickly across all the devices and browsers. You should specify what browsers, devices you want to make your website accessible. You may also check this website page speed tool by google, to benchmark a website speed. You may ask your web programmer to optimize your website for page speed.

Finding a Freelance Web Developer?

When you are ready with the requirement document for your website, You may need to hire a freelance web developer who could help you visualize your idea.

Benefits of Hiring a freelance web developer

Hiring a web developer who works remotely is not that easy for newbie employers. There are a lot of difficulties to tackle during the project. Primarily, there may be some communication gap, as well. However, there are a lot of good aspects of your benefits. Here is a list of benefits to hiring a freelance web designer or developer for your project.

  1. Freedom: You may feel free to communicate beyond regular business hours. It’s your time, your rule.
  2. Save Money: Hiring a full-time web developer costs you so much. On the other hand, a freelance web developer is like a contractor who bids on your project and does the specific job within the budget. There are no additional financial liabilities.
  3. Space: A freelance web developer uses his workspace while working from home. So you should never bother to have an office for your developer or team.

How much does it cost to hire a web developer?

Hiring a freelance web developer for your project may cost you from $15/hour to $90/hour. It all depends on the complexity of your website project. The easy websites like corporate identity or portfolio websites cost you around $15/hour to $50/hour, whereas SAAS based websites cost you more.

Finding an ideal web developer for your website

When you are ready with everything needed for your website, its time to find and hire a good web developer.

There are several places on the internet where you can find freelance web programmers and designers. Here are some of the websites where you can post a job and get several proposals from several freelancers.

  1. UpWork: UpWork is known for its directory of star website developers. This is simple, signup, post a job and get proposals from the freelancers.
  2. TopTal: This is an elite network of freelance web developers. Each developer in their directory was added after a solid screening phase. This lets you keep your confidence while hiring a developer from TopTal, that it will work well for you.
  3. GitHub Jobs: GitHub is a platform where developers hang out. Posting a job on GitHub can give you access to web developers from the lower to the upper skilled level developers. Simply signup and post a job with the website requirements listed. You may want to show your budget for your website, as well as clearly.
  4. Stack Overflow: This is another excellent platform to find good web developers. Posting a job on Stack Overflow can help you reach several additional web programmers on top of the previously listed sources.

Choosing a Web Developer?

Choosing the right web developer from the proposals you received is as critical as finding a diamond in the rough. Hiring the right candidate is an art. However, you can read the following tips for shortlisting and appointing a web developer from the list of bidders.

  1. Portfolio: A portfolio can expose the hidden story. You should ask the developer to show his past projects. You may read through the details of recent projects and find out what level of complexity that the project had, how the developer handled the project and made it successful. Did he complete the project? Or he left the employer alone in the dark?
  2. The skillset of the Developer: Read through the curriculum vitae of the developer and match the skills needed with your project.
  3. Hourly rate: Check out his hourly rate to know if that’s within your budget.
  4. Ask for estimated hours: Indeed, no one knows precisely about the number of hours a project needs. However, you should ask the developer to give a ball-park estimate of the number of hours needed for your project.
  5. Try out new developers: If your project is small, I would suggest you start out with new developers. There are a lot of new and struggling freelance web developers who can own the project responsibility and work hard.
  6. English skills: Checkout if the developer you want to hire is fluent in English. English writing and speaking skills are a must. Otherwise, you will be caught by miscommunication.
  7. Ask for a good time to talk: There are a lot of freelancers who work at different hours. Some may be residing in Asia and work according to their time zones. There are several who live outside of your time zone but work according to your time. So what it takes to ask if they could work according to your hours. You can ask them for a comfortable time to talk and discuss the project.

Hiring a Web Developer

When you are ready and selected a candidate for your website project, its time to take action and hire a web developer. Hiring a candidate is not a difficult thing, like choosing a developer. Platforms like UpWork allow you to employ a person in a few steps. UpWork helps you keep track of the hours worked by the web developer.

However, it’s different when you hire a person from the other job listing platforms. Therefore there are several additional time tracking applications available online to help you track the time and watch the screenshots of the developer. This could improve productivity. Here are a few online apps to help you track the hours and work of the developer. These applications not only track hours, but they can also generate invoices, Manage tasks, and generate reports for you.

  1. And.co
  2. Time Doctor
  3. T-Metric

Final Thoughts

Since I have worked as a freelance developer, I was able to find the troubles my clients went through in the very beginning. However, later, all of them found it a good idea to hire me for their projects.

This is how the first time there may be some problems to hire. However, if you know the pros and cons before hiring someone remotely, there will be lesser problems.