Abdul Sattar Edhi sahb is one of the most humble and famous personality of Pakistan. In his very young age he has the spark to work for humanity and he devoted his whole life for the betterment of poor children and families. I liked his quote “I hated failure and knew that success was synonyms with effort, by which rule i believed i could win”, because he is a fighter, he worked day and night to serve humanity despite of the facts he had nothing no money, no education, no family background but still he managed to run a such a huge organization.

I liked this quote because in my life at one point i also had a failure but with the utmost efforts i overcome it and won it. So whatever happened in life never gave up do your full efforts then you will be achieve whatever you want because hard work never get wasted. That is the main focus of edhi make your efforts in the right path and stick to it and do continuously hard work then you can achieve your goal.

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