Life Purpose of your Network

Purpose in life is very important to make a difference in society. If you have no purpose you are living a distracted life, purpose is necessary to find the real meaning of life.

As I am Electrical Engineer most of my fellows are related to technology when I asked them about their purpose of life I got many mixed reviews. At first two of them take long pause to answer that question then they said they want to live a simple life by getting a job, good salary, good home, living a healthy relation, some of them have plans to go abroad for their masters.

But when I asked them what they want to do to make a difference in the society or in the World, what are their passion? that after achieving it they get some feeling that they done something meaningful in the society. Most of them answered that they want to remove energy crisis from Pakistan, they want to produce enough electricity that they can also provide to other countries as well.

I was astonished that they all are keen to make their part in the society. As Pakistan is having a lot of problems due to electricity so I also want to remove these disease so we discussed how we can take part in this goal and make Pakistan more prosper.

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