Purpose of Life

Purpose in life is very important to accomplished bigger achievements, life is nothing without purpose, life is not a bed of roses, to be successful in your goal you have to make countless sacrifices and efforts. Edhi Sahb is a very good example of purpose of life.

It was 2011 when I first time made a decision to live far from home for my entry test preparation. It was a good experience that you have to make many sacrifices to fulfill your goal like early rising, make your breakfast, doing home work, washing clothes and many more little things. Then I realized I have potential to live without my home so i can get further studies in a big city. Then in 2012 I got admission in Lahore and I shifted in Lahore for four years. I only go to home 3 times in a year and spending a life without your home is a big achievement and sacrifice that I have made.

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