Formosa Bakeshop

Upon entering, you can definitely smell the fresh goodies they bake there and their options aren’t just limited to breads alone. In fact, Formosa also sells a variety of pies, cakes, mini cakes, and delicious pastry items with toppings. Their neat display and the super cute presentation of the pastries and cakes will make you want to pick up almost everything on the shelf and make a run for it.

It’s easy to underestimate this bread shop since there’s nothing much to rave about. It’s a simple bake shop with 3 tables selling simple bread. They have pork floss buns, banana breads, spring onion rolls and etc. Nothing new to Metro Manila dwellers. They also sell pork and chicken floss in large containers, some with nori in the mix.

My family and I decided to try it. We even asked the staffs there what is their best seller. And the staff said that we should try it, then so be it. We ordered Cream Cheese Bread and Ube Bread / Cake.

The Cream Cheese Bread it’s a great match with your morning coffee and the size of the pastry itself is pretty large. The Ube bread / cake was also delicious The bakery also did a fantastic job in making sure the portion of the filling is generous and it is. Another thing that I love about their baked goodies is the way they present the food so it’s more appealing to the eyes. This Cream Cheese Bread has a large star stamped on top — and even their other baked goodies like the floss is nicely displayed on top of the pastry.

If you’re lucky, they also have a bread sale near closing time, so plan your Formosa trip accordingly.

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