Water Rescue and Survival Training

Last August 13, 2016. We had our Water Rescue and Survival Training at Valenzuela City in completion with our subject National Service Training (NSTP). The call time was 7:00 am in Jollibee Monumento. We actually don’t know if it will be push through due to the fact that it was raining cats and dogs.

At around 8:30 am, we went to the Valenzuela Training Center to teach us how to put or the right way to bandage a person who’s in accident and also the wall climbing. After that we ate our lunch and decided to go to the resort for the water training.

We reach now the resort and change our clothes. After we group into 4 groups composed of 8 members and we started our training. They teach us how to save people in case of danger and the proper way to jump in the water. And it was very knowledgeable and yet happy experiences. Knowing that if this will happen in the future you already know what to do.

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