Full stop.

I was raised by two of the most hopeless optimists I have ever met. For some odd reason, my life was always full of positive stories. I hardly ever heard anything negative about a human I knew.

Growing up, I realized my parents did too have their considerable share of troubles and sufferings. Oddly and strangely enough, I did not, even for once, found them bitter at it.

We have negative people, energies, reactions around us. Every single day and every single moment.

Most of these negative sets do not stem from any inherently ill intentions. More often in fact they are purely contextual reactions to their own personal struggles.

We often make the mistake of viewing others’ negative emotions in isolation. As independent events meant to hurt us or do us harm. We often fail to see the larger picture.

Everywhere I go, in every phase of life, there have existed humans struggling with their emotions. Reacting wildly. Taunting people. Viewing everything with the simple equation of criticism. Not believing anything but themselves as right. Being the victims of their own stories. Feeling bitter at their own circumstances and putting it out unto others.

From school mermories to university to work life, every single day, I met almost ten of such different people. Different stories. Same struggles.

I realized if I could catch them. If I could listen and put a full stop to their energy. It would all well, just vanish.

I believe we all have the power to put a full stop. To gather all that is being said and done wrong and put a full stop to it right there.

You experience a person belittling you/another person — You sigh. Silence. Full stop.

You hear your inner voice demanding you to react. You smile. Full stop.

Your inner voice suddenly transforms into a theartrical performance of a self-victimized you with a dramatic sound score — You smile broader and full stop.

It is all a matter of a full stop.

It is a matter of not conversing back. A matter of not engaging. A matter of viewing your inner thoughts as they simply just pass by. Of holding your own hand and putting a full stop. Of holding somebody else’s hand and putting a full stop. Of showing positive side of story. Of instilling trust.

It indeed is definitely the most excruciatingly painful experience.

Of putting a full stop within. Of battling one’s own demons. Imagine isolating yourself from yourself. Imagine ignoring nonstop excited conversations within yourself to put a full stop within and outside.

Zainab has learnt to run. Recently, at a store, she ran around exploring the area. A guard at one of the entrances stopped and offered a handshake. She excitedly searched for me, as I smiled back, she confidently shook hands with him and moved on; perhaps, not realizing how she had just made his day brighter.

It is then when it hit me. She views the world through me. Her relationships with the world, with people, with sufferings and with challenges would all be shaped mostly by how I perceive the world.

She is — to the world — what she sees me — to be to the world.

29 years ago, two humans put out a brighter picture of the world to me. As a space where positivity can alter the course of human’s life. I learnt it so because they put a full stop to their inner demons. They let the goodness win. They let it prevail. They did not burden me with their personal biases. As I turned out to seek their assurance, they smiled and made me see the positive ahead.

28 years later, I am learning to put a full stop to my inner demons. Learning to put a full stop to anything remotely negative. Put a full stop by being empathetic to myself. Put a full stop by winning over my inner demons. Every minute. Every moment. Every single day.

Oh, it is one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences yes. But trust me when I say this, it is one that is totally worth a lifetime.

Put a full stop inside and bake a few goodies for the world to feel the Love.

Originally published at shaiderj.blogspot.com on April 13, 2017.