Let me raise my voice

Against the people who rejoice

Rejoice a world full of freedom

Rejoice to rule this kingdom

Kingdom of my life my counterpart

Prove yourself and feel your heart

Coz a real man doesn't bully

He follows what is right ideally

But who cares about real or fake

We all bite for our Majesty's sake!

Slap me and back I won't fight

As I'm your submissive and you're always right

Even if you treat me wrong

I'll bear it as I'm not so strong

You're the winner in the race of life

Just because you chained your wife

You restricted her growth as she was number one

And without this, race couldn't have been won

For her 'security' you cage her

But where did the safety factor go when you mortgage her?

You promised to love her, under the sun

But sadly, now it's all a matter of fun!

For a homolytic world I can only dream

And at 'scary' nights I can only scream.

As trouble for me you don't take

And apologies for it you won't make.

In your world so helpless I feel

It constantly increases my zeal

Zeal to see you losing your bravery

To see you entangled into my slavery.

Last luck will smile one day for sure,

Prepare yourself as there will be no cure

One day your reign will be seen never

That day, my fir will burn you forever!