My Journey to Google Udacity Scholarship

Few Months ago, I received an Email from Udacity, mentioning Congratulations Saifali! and at that moment I had only a query in my mind was “Congratulations” for what? Then again I read the e mail and I was surprised to see, that the mail was sent from Google Udacity Scholar, which stated that I have been selected as Google Udacity Scholar 2k18.

I felt proud to become a part of Google Udacity Scholarship because it’s a Dream of every Developer to be a part of the Corporate Giant Google.

Till now it is one of the best things that has happened to me.

Hello, My name is Shaifali Pundir belong to India (UP). I am a Scholar of Google India Challenge Scholarship 2k18 for Android Developer track. I come from that part of UP where people are not aware about the latest Technologies, and have very less exposure to the IT Sector of India and the developing Digital India.

About Me:

I have completed my schooling from a Government school where teachers used to come to class only for attendance. But Thanks to my uncle (Dr. Chaman Singh Pundir) who helped me to complete my Graduation from a renowned College so that I can also be an independent girl from the family of boys living as Independent life. I am the first girl in my entire family who completed her Graduation, that too in a Technical field and I am the only girl in my family who is earning with a well reputed job of Android App Developer. I would always be Thankful to my Father as after the completion of my graduation, to till date, almost all of our relatives have asked my father to ask her to quit the job and suggested him to get me married, but he has always been an obdurate support.

*It Doesn’t Matter Where You Came From. All That Matters Is Where You Are Going*

My life Before Google Udacity Scholar

After completing my graduation in 2016, I had less Technical knowledge and awareness as per the current market and because of some family issues, I had to join an IT firm as a SEO Executive. Everything was going well, but always a thought used to strike my mind that did I complete my Technical Graduation (B.Tech) to pursue a Non- Technical job?? With this thought and an aim to be technically sound and to join a Technical job, I decided to resign from the job of SEO and came to Delhi, to start working as Android Trainee in a startup. As per my performance, not giving up and challenge accepting attitude, I was hired by the same company as an Android Developer but still I had a feeling that I am unable to achieve my own expectations.

Before 8th February, I completely forgot that I have also applied for Google Udacity Scolar because for me it was a level to be achieved and as per my understanding, I was not capable enough or technically sound to be a part of this and believed that it is not my cup of tea. But then after 8th Feb everything has changed after I read the e mail, sent from Udacity. It is a wonderful and golden opportunity to show my existing skills and enhance them as well. Since then I understood:

*Just believe in yourself, there nothing which you can’t do.*

Udacity Scholar’s Communities

As Udacity Scholar we used two Communities

All the Scholars are quite active on both the communities. Queries are posted on Slack and Udacity’s Forums. Here, we people are helping each other to resolve the queries, which sideways help us to increase and enhance our knowledge. When we all joined, were unknown to each other, but now everyone is connected, both professionally and personally, which motivates us, helps us not only to grow professionally, but also to become a wonderful and active member of the society. Sometimes arguments also come in to picture but at last they also result into enhancement of knowledge and getting the concepts cleared.

We, all scholars had a meetup too where we got a wonderful chance to share our knowledge and increase our network. I attended one meetup where Mr. Akshit Jain and one of Udacity Trainee also joined us.

Meetup at Appinventiv (App development comapny) organised by Rishabh

Udacity came up with an excellent way of learning new things i.e Meetups and Slack community.

*Train your mind to see positive in every situation*

Last but not the least, I would like to tell that..

My uncle used to say “Don’t keep your eyes on what others are doing, Do your work, focus on what you want to do and yes! never try to run away from your responsibilities, they play a vital and big role in your life”

Now after becoming Google Udacity Scholar, I am feeling more confident, more enthusiastic, more passionate and more active for Technology. This is not the end it gave me the vision to think out of the box.

Special Thanks to Mr. Akshit Jain, all the Slack Members and yes Thanks to Udacity for giving me such opportunities, it is really going to be a turning point in my life.

Work to become Better not Best.*

“No matter how you feel…Get up. Dress up. Show up. And Never Give up.”



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