Australia needs IT & Engineers for its economy- what’s the best way to go?

Australia, nation with spectacular beauty, friendly culture and best companies has now a great demand for IT & Engineers. According the statistics found on Seek, Australia’s prominent job portal, approx. 10,000 jobs are posted from these sectors each month. It is stated the country’s youth is lacking skills that could contribute to the development of these sectors. For this reason, it is majorly dependent upon immigrants. The country wants more and more skilled professionals from various nations of the world to migrate to Australia, take up these vacant positions and be a part of Australia on any long term Australia work visa. Now, if you believe that you should move to Australia considering these vacant positions and the skills you have for these roles, you may be wondering how to go? You may be thinking is there any method that can help you move to Australia for a long term stay, without much processing formalities? Then, certainly a Permanent Resident Visa of Australia is the only best thing we suggest for you.

What is Australia Permanent Resident & how it benefits you?

The Australia pr visa is multiple 5-yr entry visa that allows the visa holder to live, work and reside permanently in Australia. By applying for this visa, skilled professionals get all rights as a Permanent resident and can enjoy the following rights:

Work Rights: As an Australia PR visa holder, you can work for any IT or Engineering based company that best suits your occupation from the Skilled Occupation List. Plus, not only you but your spouse can work for any sector and any company. The best benefit is that just in a case you lose your job, you will still have rights to reside in the country and search for a new job. This feature is exclusive in comparison to the work rights of Australia work visa (temporary short stay visa). Applicants usually have to leave Australia on loosing the job when they are on a temporary Australia work visa.

Residency Rights: Applicants can reside anywhere, single or with family. There will be no restrictions on buying of property or travelling from one place to another.

Subsidized Benefits: Australia PR visa holders get great government benefits. Kids of PR visa holders can be enrolled for free education in any reputed public schools of Australia and entire family can claim free healthcare & medical benefits under Medicare. Also, the government may offer unemployment benefits and pension plans to specific candidates.

Citizenship Opportunities: PR visa holders of Australia can apply for citizenship once they complete a stay of 3–4 yrs in Australia. Doing so gives them all rights as citizens, on approval of their citizenship application.

Who can help you obtain this visa?

If you are from Hyderabad or any neighboring nations, the best people who can help you are the Australia Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad. This is because immigration consultants or visa consultants know everything and can guide you best in the process. To make your visa process a pocket friendly experience, you can approach Kansas Overseas Careers. Besides being a pioneer in Australia immigration process, the services offered for PR visa by Kansas Overseas Careers have easy payment options. Schedule an appointment with Australia PR visa experts any queries you may have in regards to Australia PR visa.