How I became a fan of Mrs.Sudha Murty …

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A big disclaimer before you read this post- This is definitely not a “book review”. Simply put, just a mirror reflection of my inner thoughts after knowing much deeply about a person whom I admire now a lot.

If you are from India, its quite impossible not to know about Mrs.Sudha Murty. She doesn’t need any introduction.

I have to admit, I never paid much attention to know about her that deeply until few years ago. But one fine day, one of the video share on my face book page by a good friend caught my eye and I watched it. I can say, I was introduced to one impressive personality that day! That minute on wards I couldn’t stop myself until I was done watching all the available videos of her speeches over the internet.

There are definitely thousands of other philanthropists like her in this world, who I may know or may not know, but especially for me, she stands out to be a person who can connect so easily through her talks filled with light humor, honesty and lot of emotions.

I used to read novels a lot when I was in school and college. Then slowly gear just shifted towards reading some selective articles, blogs over the Internet.

Well, coming back to the topic, after listening to all her speeches over the net, next option to know her even more, was reading her books. So far I have finished reading most of her books, ‘Wise and Otherwise’ , ‘The Old man and his God’ , “How I Taught My Grand Mother to Read: And Other Stories” and few others.

Some stories have touched my soul and brought out happy tears.. some made me smile. Not sure whether it was the narration style, I just could picture every element attached to it. The moment I closed the last page of every book, I felt once again so grateful to this beautiful life. It was more than just “a good read”.

Mrs. Murty had explained all her experiences throughout her books and made me experience a new fresh feeling for “myself and all the best things in my life”!. 
She is my new inspiration and once again a BIG SALUTE to LIFE!

P.S: “Murty” is the correct way to spell her last name, not “Murthy”.