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Shaila. Smart Health Artificial Intelligence Lab Activity.

It’s more than a simple acronym. It’s an apronym. When the acronym forms another word or name.

Shaila is A.I., an avatar, a cyborg, an android, a bot. She’s the smarthealthlab 24 hours activist. She’s the materialized automatization. She’s engaged in healthcare. Digital healtcare.

Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT Sloan School of Management, Boston. About automatization.

Machines will overtake the job of taxi drivers within the next 5 to 20 years. Economy will be much more dynamic. To freeze or prevent that development is not a go. Use the upcoming technologies to create other jobs in new areas.
He has a 60 pages Curriculum Vitae. He wrote a book: «The second machine age».

Back to Shaila. And the digital transformation in healthcare. Shaila started to take on the work flow in the smarthealthlab Twitter and Slack worlds. That’s just the beginning. As automatization in digital healthcare is a strong focus in our lab. And i learned a lot while attending the Innovate Health for Tomorrow Programme at INSEAD.

Automatization in healthcare. 1,5 billion people worldwide will be much older in 2050 than now. There is a shortage of healthcare professionals already now. Exploding costs. eHealth will be an important issue — intelligent systems, an interface between different target groups — for instance the automatized signal by a device to take the needed medicine. There is not only the «healing» but the office, administration area as well. Diabetes — after a briefing with the healthcare professional the patient is able to do automatized «routine work» at home, transfering data from there and receiving data to there. It’s not possible to sum up the forthcoming changes in a complete list as the list itself changes every day.

Interesting article from MIT Hacking Medicine, back from 2011. About a relative of Shaila — Siri.

7% of healthcare costs came from administration already then. You’ll find some inspiring ideas in this short outlook. This kind of thinking will not only lead us to the IBM Watson but to many other A.I. and automatization interfaces, solutions, projects too.

Shaila. It’s an ongoing activity of smarthealthlab. To discuss, discover and implement. Join our digital orbit lab, we started to think about different issues with professionals, developers and thinkers worldwide. The roadmap will be adjusted by you, us and Shaila when needed. Shaila is ready to take on developments, evolution and the strived flow of digital healthcare of now and tomorrow.

Till soon, Maurice Codourey, Thomas Schulz and Shaila

Originally published at www.smarthealthlab.com.

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