When the two healthcare marketing and data professionals Thomas Schulz and Maurice Codourey met in 2012 in Zurich they called that exchange of ideas «power bircher». This refers to the original Swiss Birchermüesli, a porridge-style muesli with condensed milk and grated apples. They continued the power bircher meetings which led to the smarthealthlab.

From the information snack to broadcasts around the globe to the individual inspiration track based on the smarthealthlab didactics for sparkling knowledge exchange. To unleash evolving digital healthcare worldwide — no travel time, no travel costs. smarthealthlab is where you are. The digital healthcare space to be.

Like the tempo in music, every speed is welcome. From Adagio to Moderato to Vivace. Passion, expertise, fascination.

Buckle up for your ride with the digital orbiter smarthealthlab.

A healthetia spark. Ignited in Switzerland.

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