Social Fantasy

I am working in a social media based start-up, the nature of business like loads of others, pretty much driven by human being’s desire for social share or in other words, showing off. After a long day discussing with my founder about how to trigger “SHARING”, I sort of came into epiphany that I wanted to share.

Usually there is a big discrepancy between a build-up version of self and real version of self, running in parallel. I am aware of their existences but I never have the chance to confront the build-up version of myself, until today when I realized the best window to see it is through the posts from social media platform. According to law of scarcity, people only shows off the things in high profile that they don’t have because they badly need the recognition to ease their sense of insecurity. To be frank, I have to admit that I am big victim of that too, whilst I am doing my self-reflection session by reviewing my social post — the images I wanted to present under the spotlight, the story I wish it could have been true, or the type of person I aspired to be but sorry I am not, yeah, that is a wishful thinking. The whole social media thing just creates such a wonderful platform to make the “build-up” self-version come true.

“It is fun. Maybe only because you share it and receive the recognition?” “I enjoyed this moment. Maybe it is more because of the number of likes and comments I got than of the fact I just literally just enjoyed this moment?” “Am I living in my own fantasy? Maybe we are living in a world of deception, over-polishing and jealousy towards others’ always-so-awesome-always-travelling life?”

The showing off desire is able to generate multi-billion valuation company, the business of which is purely based on a filter that creates highly engineered pictures. Technology not only facilitates our needs but also perfectly monetizes it. Not only being a victim, I know I won’t be able to escape that desire as it is part of deepest human nature — the desire to be recognized, to get feedback, to be liked and to feel good about him/herself. Plus I feel it is also ironic to post in the biggest social media platform. But at least I feel damn good at this moment to share my REAL thoughts not “build-up” ones.