Why I studied full-time for 8 months for a Google interview
Googley as Heck

Hello John, the repository is awesome, exactly what I was looking for structured learning. Like you, I have 15+ years in experience but everyday I feel , I know less than a recent university grad. The feeling results in both motivation and depression. It makes me to read more and more but I think how much ever one reads, does self identified projects, there is no equivalence to on job experience. What do you think. If I am right, isn’t it chicken, egg scenario.. to get a software engineer job in best companies, you need to have experience and not just knowledge but to get that experience, you should have had such job.Also, like you described, I get tempted to learn everything under the sky- a new trend, a new language, a new product, a new concept and then I find myself all over the place.What is your advice to overcome such distractions