It’s quite easy here to clear about the dreams as precisely subconsciously created another world by all the combinations of really good and ever worst horrific memories still sternly present in our minds. But when I say subconscious, then, it’s just one mean over here, you can’t control them, neither they you, nor you can change them nor remember. That all looks like the half truth, of what I’ve been known working on subconscious mind. Thus the title still remains hot and probably you might be curious about the word HOW.

As the predefined schedule of all of our mind to forget about 95% of what we saw in a dream last night, and sometime that even exceed to 99.9% or may be 100%. Just because of that that’s all doesn’t matter in your upcoming life and can’t help you in any way to predict ‘bout the future by your dreams, instead it’d be right to say now that your dreams as an entirely imaginative world, which you create to fill the gap while you sleep.

Though what I’d like to say is, looks just opposite of what have written above — I’ve really met with some peoples who do and believe that your dreams literary have a paramount connection between you and your upcoming future. They also utilize the same ways or the same habits written below to let themselves wake up immediately, and write in concern of when they’re dreaming about, and then sleep again to make a whole string into many little phrases. However I haven’t experience this kind of Time machine, but still these peoples makes me curious about it — is prediction of future really has possible.

Yet also couple of other aspects of dream have a complex task to solve that — we really dream all the time when we sleep or just the rest of the time we sleep more than we all needed. Maybe it looks possible that we dream all the night but the chances become quite firm to remember just those subconscious thoughts of what we dream in rest of hours when we already have slept the time we needed to make ourselves fresh all the day.

Basically those dreams we dream have an imprint of all or a single weird activity happen last day. Such as if you’d a intense day, then there are high chances to dream about something horrifying like — you’re seeking a safe zone, or, bunch of devils running behind you, but if you’d a happier day, then most possibly you’ll dream about something happier as — spending time with your Girl Friend on vacation, or your Honey Moon, or maybe you’re riding your dream car which you always wanted to drive.

So the question still is, HOW WE CAN REMEMBER DREAMS? Well if you wake up early in morning then there are extremely quite few chances to remember about what happened in your dreams just couple of minutes ago and neither then if you start forcing on your brain to remember a bit of them. But if you’re a late sleeper like most of the people and occasionally like I’m — then it could be possible to sleep with a note pad and a pencil to write immediately right after you wake up of ‘bout what happened in dreams.

What most people does is they remember their dream right after they wake up and then sleep again to make an whole empire of dream. It doesn’t work and also doesn’t have a right way to remember, cause you’re making that remembering time as a little hunk of your dream and leaving no clue as in physical form to remind all your mind crafted things, which most possibly makes you all forgotten about your air notes.

Often people makes such a habit as when they’ve subconsciously dreaming and in a moment they immediately wake up and write quickly about the scene and sleep again. And that actually doesn’t have such an hard way to do as what it seems. It’s just like when you say in night to yourself that — I wanna wake up early in morning, with a logical reason, then you surely you wake up even for a short time, but you do surely, if you can remember the reason why you’d like to wake up, then mystery solved.

So in the end the conclusion, what we learnt is that — Dreams doesn’t project our future they’re just past memories — accordingly what I know, secondly is, though we can remember our dream with note pad and pencil, and thirdly, accidently we learnt how to wake up at the same time you want to wake up.

What we’ve discover, that was achievement, and what we haven’t, that’s an opportunity.

— shailesh mishra