The Reason, Why Poor?

The reason why i start writing with this title, is because, it made a entangled situation many time in past to become myself richer. I born in a middle class, but somehow my thought weren’t the same as my family’s. And even in my other educational and day-today journey I wasn’t even well enough as i should there, unless i didn’t know why?

After learning and spending a lot of my time with many peoples away from my family I was interested in. I knew, what is life?, how you should live that?, How to be richer?, What’s different between riches, middle class and poor? But then also i was as beginner as i was on my earlier time, about those who seem success and to be rich the same as tough and impossible.

Why Poor? The most important cause to be poor is to get yourself world’s most intelligent person exists on earth with having no knowledge about anythings what she/he is talking about.

The problem with Poors to live as poor, is because, they love to engage themselves there where are more Poor, and worse thinker than what they’re. I started understanding my Mom and Dad about why they both can’t be the same as i’m. But this optimistic story began and took an end before a clunky climax.

My Mom and Dad were very firm to not let see the power of change in him/herself, and what stun me a lot about them is when my both parents believe — I don’t want to start anything what later on I’ll have to finish or amend. And that’s the one in all reason why poor and middle class is the same poor and middle class for their entire horrific life. My Mom and Dad did never try to see an object from different perspectives to think and work, and thus they’re just an inch far from where they started in their whole life time.

The story wasn’t all finished at this, I was so fascinated every single time about to see a little spark of change in them and tried to give my whole hypothesis about the way they shouldn’t follow up, and suggesting what that should be instead. Instead of seeing little sparks in them, now I needed sparks to settle my life back away from all time running quarrel with my family about decades old myths.


I immediately quit, and let my Mom and Dad to be poors by their own decision making, cause still I was depended a little bit on them financial lack. I made myself as quiet robot who programed to respond but only on few highly responsive questions. Just in about half an week my life became so smooth to tackle new targets, and grab new milestones.

But in all hustle and bustle I learnt a lot of few things about poors and why they’re so. And That’s all was much more but never enough for, to inspire me and many more like me to choose rather you accept, to be poor and fuck your mind or not, to become world’s most powerful person.