Ad-Tech Tax — What bracket are you in?
Shailin Dhar

Many publishers think that programmatic doesn’t work for them because they see lower RPM’s without understanding why exactly that is. Publishers should become aware of what the exact advantages are of working with an SSP vs. directly plugging into an exchange; the blind action without evaluating the benefits is what I have an issue with. Now, on top of that, there are many platforms that claim to add value but do not in-fact do so. So examining the tech-tax is important for both sides because they should evaluate which tech partners are essential and contribute to revenue generation. 
And advertisers, a lot of the time, think they should bid lower in programmatic platforms because the inventory should be cheaper. But even when they bid high CPM’s and then end up losing auctions, they have to examine how many people along the way are seeing a cut of that money because the floors, a lot of the time, are set according to what goes net to a publisher.

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