Last Friday I ditched my coffee and here’s what happened…

Coffee addiction — we all have it but we don’t ever want to truly admit it.

Well guess what? If you drink coffee, even one cup a day, you’re addicted!!

So last Friday I got to work at 8 AM just like I always do. After I arrived at my desk, I chose to do the hard thing. I challenged myself not to head to the barista. Instead, I went to the break room and made myself green tea.

At this time I’ve successfully fooled myself…for the next 45 minutes. At around 10 AM I can’t help but crave that soothing and energizing smell of coffee. Nonetheless, I stayed strong and kept suppressing the craving by keeping myself busy.

I no longer had the excessive urge for coffee as it got closer to lunch time, I had something else to look forward to! I have lunch and now I’m all fueled up and ready to tackle the 2nd half of my day, right? WRONG!!

About 30 minutes post-lunch, I’m ready to knockout. My work is super flexible on Fridays so my zombie self convinced itself to work from home for the rest of the day. As soon as I got home and set up my VPN on my work computer, I started dozing off. Eventually, we to bed at 2 PM and was low on energy through out the day Friday and part of Saturday.

Between Friday and Saturday I was either sleeping or laying on my bed for 22 hrs. Not good! But hey, I did it! A high price for surviving without coffee for one day.