My relationship with fantasy football

What a season. This is my 2nd year participating in fantasy football league.

Last yr: 3 total leagues. Made playoffs in 3/3. Got eliminated in Round 1 in all three.

I was determined to take a different approach than last year. Read up on the draft techniques, listening to the Fantasy Footballers podcast every weekday. Additionally, this is my 2nd time around and you’d think I’d be better off. Wrong!

This yr: 4 total leagues. Made playoffs in 1/4. Came last in my own league I helped organize.

I can bet that I’m more knowledgeable about football and the NFL now then I was a year ago. Obviously I’m no expert but I can name various styles of each offense, their backfield, their QB rating, WR core, coaching staff, defensive rating etc…

This doesn’t put an end to my love for fantasy football. If anything, it makes me even more hungrier for a title next year but one things for sure. Fantasy isn’t about skill or knowledge. It’s about information.

How come I’m still so ambitious to try again next year after getting squashed by my friends?

Fantasy is all luck, this takes skill…
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