Building blocks of my college life

College life is the most important and crucial phase of someone’s life that give you memories to cherish whole of your life.College life is a golden period of every student’s life.College is the place where we earn knowledge,which becomes the basic armory for survival in the Professional World.I also desired to have such memorable college life.But the seeds were grown right from Class 10 th. I studied in a school at Bagh (My home town) .In 10 th standard I secured 85%.Then came the crucial moment of choosing subject ,which is the turning point of someone’s life.I was never interested in solving those large equation of conic,applying my mind in Newton’s law and reading Dalton’s theory.I wanted to opt for commerce thinking that it was the simplest way for getting into,but my decision was changed and the person being “My Mother’’.I from bottom of my heart pay my gratitude towards my mother for changing my decision and forced me to follow her decision to opt for Maths as subject.In the initial stages,I found that this decision will breakdown my career.But my mother always had confidence in me.As time moved ,I became familiar with co-ordinate geometry,equations of gravitation and Arrhenius equation.I passed my 11 th standard with 3 rd rank.This was like having a lamp in a room full of darkness……..

Then came the most important and future deciding stage.That is 12 th board. I had never being in Merit list and also at the same time I want to get into a government college.I started working hard.I set my time table daily and used to follow it.My Parents supported me a lot during that phase.I also suffered from lack of teachers in my School.But my Director Sir “Mr Karunesh Raghuwanshi” helped us in all the possible way. I had to prepare most of the topic myself.Me along with my friends decided to take this as a challenge.We started reading the topics at home and discuss them in class.We all together were family at School.Our bonding was great.We used to share happiness and sorrow with each other.It was your last year in School.We enjoyed and celebrated each festival together.We all decided to secure good percentage in 12 th board.As time moved forward, I thought I myself should prepare for competitive exams in Engineering as I will be left with less time after board examination. I used to study my text books thoroughly and started approaching the questions the way that were to be asked in Engineering Entrance Test.Then came the time of my pre boards.I prepared hard and was able to secure 1 st rank in class.This boosted up my confidence.Now my board exams were near.My parents used to care a lot about me,of my food,my schedule and everything. My Exams were over now.I had got enough confidence of securing good percentage.Now the time came to say good bye to my teachers,my friends and my school.We met each of our teacher and gave them gifts and greetings.My friends,who were with me since 5 th standard were to depart now.We all had chosen different career path now The cherish memories will always remain in my heart.I wished them all the very best for their bright future.And I will be thankful to god to give me another chance to relive me all those incredible moments and those wonderful memories with those amazing friend.

Now again the question striking before my eyes was to get admission in government college. I was left with only 1.5 months now and had to crack “Pre Engineering Test’’.One of my friend “Akansha”suggested me to join crash course as this might be helpful in securing good rank. I took the decision of joining crash course in Indore.The experience was different. My parents also shifted to Indore for my and my sibling’s studies.My sister “Shreya” was in 2 nd year and my brother “Shaswat” was in 11 standard now. I used to attend my crash course classes in morning and studied the rest of the day. I worked hard for getting into some reputed college.The day came,on 18 th May 2012 my PET examination was. I was not sure about my PET result.Meanwhile the result of 12 th board was declared and I was able to secure position in District merit list. My friends too secured good percentage. I congratulated everyone for their result. Everyone was away and had chosen their different career path. I was satisfied that I succeed in chasing one of my target.But the other was still remaining. Based on 12 th board result, I was awarded “Central Sector Scholarship’’. I was very happy for that. After my PET exam,it was one month gap. I discovered Indore during that gap.Based on 12 th board result I was able to get admission in top college of Madhya Pradesh for B.Sc. I was fully prepared for that. By god’s grace my PET rank was good enough and meanwhile the result was also declared. I was confident enough to get a reputed college. My decision was again boosted by my Mother showing confidence in myself. I finally managed to get admission in a reputed college of MP “Institute of Engineering and Technology DAVV’’ in Indore and got Civil Engineering Stream. I was very happy, I felt like on 7 th heaven because I succeeded in achieving both of my targets. “I only have one dream in my life i.e to turn millions of Dreams of My parents,which they saw for me ,into a glorious reality”.

And now the journey begins.The very important day of my life came.I entered into a new world .On 16 th August 2012 ,I moved to college for the first time. Everything was new for me.I didn’t knew where to go. In the very 1 st lecture I sat with students of EI branch.Then with the help of seniors I moved to the right class and I for the first time met my classmates in “Workshop’’.I talked with them and discussed how they used to get into.I found myself in the wrong place as people studying from big coaching and after taking drop manage to get IET. Meanwhile,I found my School Senior “Ajay Bhaiya” in IET that also in Civil and in 1 st year. It was a big coincidence. I also started taking tuition at home. “Radhika” was my first student in tuition. Slowly the number of students increased.We all had great bonding together. I started attending college,I realized that the subjects were difficult. I questioned my decision.But again my family showed confidence in me and encouraged me. One thing I definitely want to mention is that college life is really different from School life.It doesn’t work on principle of innocence.We have to change our self else we will be a way back and suffer.Going to labs,workshop was a fun.We enjoyed a lot there .Slowly, I became familiar with the subjects and pattern .All my teachers were very supportive.I was very happy because It was the branch whose technologies will give me the platform to showcase my talent in virtual world of Construction and Structures .We all friends enjoyed a lot during our externals.Taking notes from friends, xerox ,previous paper was a common thing . I, from the very 1 st year in IET enjoyed giving MST ,as it was a great fun. The exam was near I prepared accordingly. I managed to get 80% in 1 st sem .And the journey of my 1 st semester ends here ………..

And the journey of 2 nd semester starts………I was completely enjoying my college life i.e gt,events,canteen,masti,bunks,bakar etc.Then came the smallest and the toughest semester in any Engineer’s life .The semester having subjects as Engineering Drawing,Electrical,Programming.This again gave me a chance to question my decision.Meanwhile,my seniors were to give us freshers.I was excited for it. All of our seniors called us for pre fresher at place called “Ashok vatika”. It is a place in our college joining the three departments.We were given various task for it.I completed all tasks properly.Then came the day of freshers. I enjoyed a lot during the party and got the title of “best junior” as I had made a very beautiful dairy for my seniors.The party was great.I thanked all my seniors for the party. Now the mid semester of 2 nd semester started.By the time, I realized that I have to give much more effort in this semester. I started working hard because just wanted to make my Mother comfortable with her decision. But I suffered from Jaundice prior to 1 month of my exams. My parents and sibbling supported me a lot in that crucial stage. I missed my classes for about 20 days. My friends gave me notes and explained the topics.I started to work to my full potential as I just wanted to clear all my subjects with good grade. It worked, I again managed to secure 80%. In my summer vacation I learned a lot of things and visited Rajasthan. With ups and downs, journey of my 2 nd semester ended happily………………

This brings to end of my 1st year and now the journey of 2 nd year of college life begins…… I felt good to be called as “Mam”……Proud feeling…….The subjects now were of my stream.I got interest in them and I started seeking knowledge about them in detail. Now I never turned back and questioned my decision .During that period, I also started taking part in various college events.I was completely enjoying my college life.2 nd year was also memorable because I made “Alka” as my friend. She is very humble,encouraging and cheerful. Now I started going to college by “Activa”. “Atisha” was my “Activa Friend”. I used to go to college by Activa with her. She is very sweet,delight and helping.I would like to show my gratitude towards my Professor “Dr. Dheeraj Mandloi” for giving me an opportunity to present paper at DRDO Delhi. This was a great moment for me. Then my final exams started I secured 2 nd position this time.So this is the story of 3 rd sem ….and now starts the journey of 4 th semester(Small Semester).We were to give freshers this time.We called all of our juniors for pre freshers at E block parking.We gave various tasks to our juniors and had great fun that day. But Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to attend freshers. It was my birthday now. My junior “Shourya” along with his friends and my classmates celebrated my birthday in college. He is humble,calm and generous. Exam were near now. I cleared my examination with good percentage.So this brings to an end of half of my journey………

It was june 2014.My brother “Shaswat” got selected in IIT-JEE and My sister “Shreya” got placed in MNC. I couldn’t express how happy I was. I was very happy to see my sibblings settled. I know now that “Shaswat” was to go away from us.We decided to make each day a memory for him.The selection of my brother in IIT urged me a zeal to get into an IIT and being called as an IITIAN. I asked one of my senior “ Vijay Kumar Patidar” about the scope after B.E and expressed my desire.Then he asked me to appear for GATE, which was the one and the last chance for getting into an IIT. Now the time came,I had to separate from my brother.Well though hard for me,but was very happy at the same time.He got selected in IIT Hyderabad(Mechanical Engineering).We all went to drop him at Railway Station. I was crying a lot and asked God to give me more time with my brother. He along with my parents moved to Hyderabad on 23 rd july 2014.Then I discussed my desire of preparing for GATE with my parents, they were happy with my decision. I started preparing for GATE with the thought that my parents will feel proud to be called as “IITIAN PARENTS ” for the second time. My father is a Civil Engineer.He wrote on wall of my room that ,my target should be to get “ IIT Roorkee”. As being a Civil Engineer it is dream of everyone to get “ IIT Roorkee”. I started working on this target .Then Rakhi arrived,Shaswat was not to come to Indore on Rakhi. My parents took me and my sister on Rakhi to Hyderabad.My sister was eagerly waiting for her joining .Time came,On 28 th November 2014 she was to join Cognizant Pune. I felt low and alone as my siblings were far from me.My sister “ Shreya ” along with my parents left for Pune. I missed her company a lot.I was separated from my siblings now. But this also gave me 2 more years to be more close with my parents. I was the inter mediator between my parents when they stopped talking. 5 th semester exams were near.I cleared the exam with good percentage.Up to this time I had made good bonding with my classmates and juniors.The journey of 5 th sem ends here……..Now 6 th sem starts……I performed in “Aakshank ”, the cultural festival of our college.My seniors were to leave college now.We had spent very remembrable moments with seniors. And we desired to give them a grand Farewell. But I missed the farewell too.I wished all the very best to my seniors for their future endeavor. Exams of 6 th sem were near.I cleared the exam.In that vacations I prepared for GATE along with placements as day zero was soon to come.This brings the end of 3rd year……..

Now the journey of last and final year of my college life begins……….. Time moved forward and placements started. Being in Core branch,It is difficult to get placed in Core Companies. But I wanted a backup. So I enroll myself for the placement process and gave interview for Software Companies. During that phase,my junior “ Pushpraj” helped me a lot as he was in the training and placement cell of my college. I got placed in “Infosys” and “ Accenture”. The person being most happy that day was “My Mother” because her decision turned true.I was also happy now,to have a backup.But my target was striking before my eyes. As being in Core branch, higher studies are always demanding. I was again focused on my studies. During that time I met “Palash” my junior. He is very humble,kind and encouraging.I also made my gang in college.It comprises of Alka, Atisha,Prema, Anubhuti, Ankit , Amit ,Jubin , Umesh , Akash , Ajay Bhaiya , Shourya,Palash, Pushpraj. My 7 th semester exam was near. I managed to pass the exam.This brings the end of 7 th semester……..February was near, I planned accordingly and was ready for GATE Exam. My GATE Exam was on 6 th February . It was from 9 to 12 a.m. My father dropped me to exam center. My parents wished me all the very best. I gave the exam but was not sure about the output. I thought I lost everything. My Mother supported me a lot and let me to relax and enjoy the remaining days of my college life, because she had confidence on my hard work. I was so depressed that the thought of losing my dream was rolling before my eyes. Palash supported and motivated me. After 2–3 days the response and answer sheet was uploaded. I couldn’t dare to match them. But “My mother ” gave me the courage to match the response. She sat near to me during the check. After analysis of response,I was sure about my admission in an IIT. I was happy now. But I didn’t wanted to remain idle now.I searched for any teaching job. Finally I got a job to take class of junior engineer at “Balaji Tutorial”. I was very eager to teach there.I knew now that I am left with couple of months in that place where I had spend my 4 years. I started gathering memories. I was enjoying those days. And then came the most memorable moment i.e “ Farewell 2k16”.It was a combined feeling of getting into a new journey and on the same time I have to be apart from my friends and juniors.The party was at its top. I enjoyed and gathered many beautiful moments that evening. I was awarded the title “Miss Eve” by my juniors. Now the time came, On 18 th March 2016 at 8 p.m the result of Gate 2016 was declared. I secured AIR-564.Though not satisfied but also satisfied that I succeed in achieving my goal.That night I received a lot of calls people congratulating me and I also congratulated my friends on their success in GATE-2016.On the very next day “TPO” Called us to submit our gate score card.We all friends who qualified gate of various branches gathered at TPO office. It was a great moment for me.TPO Sir congratulated us all and gave blessings for our bright future.

Then starts the journey of the last and final semester of my college life………..8 th sem. Everyone including myself were busy in xerox,searching previous paper because we had not studied a single thing till day. I enjoyed this last exam of my college life because I knew the moment wouldn’t return back. Parallely I had to fill application forms of various IIT’S for getting admission in M Tech .My Senior “Shashank Namdev” helped and guided me a lot about the application process. Exams were over now.I gave my last externals.I cleared exam with good percentage. Then came the “Signature Day”.We all shared memories of 4 years on a T-Shirt.We danced a lot in the campus.We took a lot of photos.We visited the office of all our Professors and took their blessings.29 th April 2016 was the most memorable day for me,as I was convocated that day. I completed my B.E with 84.03%. Also I would say that if engineering is something to me then that is “ Civil Engineering” only. I was very happy with my decision of choosing Civil Engineering.We all friends had a lot of fun and selfies. I was happy to see all my friends getting degree.The next 2–3 days we had bundles of parties,fun,memories.The concluding show was treat by me to my friends at “Gk”. And also the most memorable moments of my college life was attending concert of Sunidhi Chauhan,Farhan Akhtar ,Nikhil D’ousza and enjoying in Garba Night . Now the time was to collect all the memories and say goodbye to all. The thing that was satisfying was that I have got good numbers of friends in IET and bundle of memories to cherish whole of my life. I would also like to thanks my friends in other branches Shubham,Yash, Divya,Ayush ,Rakshita ,Lokesh,Hemant and Abhishek for making this journey more beautiful.Time moved so fast,I felt like I have just entered into college.I was hoping to get those 4 years back.College life is the phase that transforms you from Student to Professional Person.Can give u memories for whole life.It is the best phase of someone’s life.Make new friends,gather much more knowledge and make memories.Those 4 years never come back .Live every moment,Enjoy every moment.This brings to an end of my college life……….The life of memories,joy,fun……..

By the time, I received interview call from IIT Bombay. I was so excited for it . I prepared hard for IIT Bombay.On 12 th May ,I had given interview at IIT Bombay. I applied for 3 branches but my interview was not satisfactory. On 15 th May I had to give interview at IIT Gandhinagar. I applied there only for Structural Engineering. I cleared written test but interview was unsatisfied.The result came,I was rejected from IIT Bombay and IIT Gandhinagar. Meanwhile,I got selected in IIT Kharagpur and on the same day I had to move to IIT Delhi for interview. I had discussed whether to freeze seat at IIT Kharagpur with my parents but their silence spoke their decision.I accepted their decision. At IIT Delhi I applied for 2 branches. I couldn’t clear the written test of 1 branch and gave interview for the other branch.Next day the result was declared.My name was in waiting list on 5 th position.It was 50 -50 chances. It was very depressing moment for me.I must be allotted a college till day. Everyone consoled me that I was definitely to get something at IIT Roorkee. I kept hopes.On 10 th June I attended the counselling process at IIT Roorkee. I was totally unaware of the fact that half of the seats in IIT Roorkee are under Self finance category now.It means we need to pay more fees then the normal fee structure and we won’t get any stipend. Due to this the decline came in Mhrd seats and the cutoff and ranking increased. I couldn’t get anything in Mhrd category and was being offered Structural Engineering under Self finance category. I was just given 5 minutes to take this important decision. My father told me to accept that seat , but my inner soul was asking me “Is there any importance of your hard work”? Are u compromising with your hard work?.I rejected that seat because my rank was not that to get a seat in Self finance Category. I enroll my name in waiting list.I returned empty handed from Roorkee to Indore.The day in the train couldn’t pass.I cried for the whole day thinking that I lost everything.The thought of dropping a year was again and again wandering in my mind. My parents tried to bring me out of that pain. I returned Indore with the last hope that I deposited DD at IIT Roorkee and enroll myself in waiting list.That 19 days was a long time for me to pass.I don’t remember a single day when I didn’t cried.On 24 th june the waiting list of IIT Delhi was to be cleared. Again my luck didn’t favored me to get into IIT Delhi. In most of specialization 5 seats were vacant but only in my specialization 1 seat was vacant.I don’t know where my destiny was taking me. Again this made me to think of taking drop. During that time,my mother tried to explain me of her life struggle and tried to motivate me. By the time,I had only one thing to do i.e do google for cutoff and ask concern persons about my chances of getting into IIT Roorkee. On 29 th june the wait listed result of IIT Roorkee was to be declared. At 7 p.m “Shaswat” saw my result. I was offered a Mhrd seat in Geomatics Engineering. Though I was not that happy, but was happy to be in an IIT. Finally my Father’s writing about my target turned true.I thanked my parents for giving their precious time to me for the last 2 months during the admission process.I started doing shopping,collecting memories,meeting for the last time with my relatives and friends. On 12 th july 2016 I left Indore with my parents and brother as registration process at IIT Roorkee was on 14 th july. I completed the registration process and was to be allotted Hostel the same day. I met “Aditi” in hostel.We both belong to same state. I felt good talking to her.We decided to be roommates. She is Simple,Kind and helping. I left Roorkee went Haridwar and visited a lot of places with my family. Finally,the hard moment came,I had to be apart from my parents and my brother. It was very hard for me to do so as I had never being so far from my family. It was raining heavily on 17 th july. We had to move from Haridwar to Roorkee with lots of luggage.We somehow managed to reached IIT Roorkee. Me and my mother arranged the whole room. I along with my parents went at Entrance gate to purchase some items. Now, the hard moment came I was to depart from my family. I cried a lot,as I never want to be away from my parents. Even my father cried that day. I was again and again going in my parent’s arms and rolling my hand in Shaswat’s head.My parents were in hurry as they had to catch train from Delhi to Indore on 17 th july .It was nearly 3 pm at Roorkee. Since that day, It rained heavily. My parents were unable to get direct bus from Roorkee to Delhi.They moved in parts and somehow managed to catch the train from Delhi. It was 1 st day of my hostel life.The rules were different here.And the hostel life begins………..

Now starts the journey of my next college life.The journey from farewell to freshers. It was 18 th July 2016. I had to attend class from 9 am.The up gradation result came at 10 a.m. I saw my result. I couldn’t believe I was awarded Environmental Engineering now that too a Mhrd seat. I informed my parents the same moment.They were happy because my parents see their happiness in my happiness.But still, the final result was awaiting.As,seats in Geo technical Engineering were vacant and my next choice was Geo technical there were chances of my up gradation. I had to take decision of freezing or apply for up gradation. I talked to my Mother for this decision. She showed confidence on me and told to apply for up gradation. I accepted her decision and applied for up gradation. On 22 nd July the final result was to be declared. My final status was a Mhrd seat in Geo technical Engineering. Aditi was very happy because now we are together both in Hostel and Class. I attended the Orientation programme for 3 days at IIT Roorkee. This made me more familiar with IIT Roorkee Culture.25 th July is memorable day for me as it was my first step towards my dream .I made new friends.But struggle continues, I suffered from Chronic Cough and Cold. As Indore being on plains and Roorkee is on higher altitude I faced problem in adapting the climate.I consulted Doctor, took medicines ,Practiced Yoga and slowly got adapted to Climate. Day by Day memories gather at IIT Roorkee. Then arrived the most awaited day “Fresher 2K16”.Our department gave us a warm welcome. It was the time to be more familiar with our Seniors, Professors and their families. I performed Dance,Sung Song and walked down the ramp. I now try to explore everything about IIT Roorkee. Meanwhile,I came to meet my junior “Meenakshi Meena” B tech 4 th year. She has to study my core subject as her elective subject.I usually move to her room and we talk a lot. I wish she may get success in her goals.24 August added one more memory I sung Bhajan and performed Dance on the occasion of Janmashtami. Now I am happy with my decision. I am making each day a memory at IIT Roorkee……….

In the end I just want to thank My Parents,Teachers ,Friends for their unconditional support and help.I also couldn’t forget the love and affection of Shreya Di and Shaswat. They guided me and supported me in the crucial situation of my life.I pray for their bright future.My dream of being called as an “IITIAN” is complete now. The experience of journey of my life taught me that everything in this world is beautiful.The flowing rivers,Sunrise ,high mountains and the motion of ever passing unstoppable time .I have to spend two years of my life at IIT Roorkee. I am trying to collect much more memories here and learn something new everyday. I appreciate the beauty of nature very much at IIT Roorkee. I hope this Dream journey of my life continues with lots of happiness,joyful moments,and achievements. Dreams are waiting for me ahead in this journey of my life………..And the story continues………….