Dedicated to all the girls\ladies\womens

You all are best, however you are,

It doesn’t matters how you look,

It doesn’t matters what colour of your skin,

It doesn’t matters how your face shape,

It doesn’t matters how much knowledge you have,

It doesn’t matters what your hands and foots declare about your future,

It doesn’t matters how long hair\ short hair you have,

It doesn’t matters how you dress how you makeup,

Trust me it’s not at all matters — What matters is your smile, your sacrifices, your heart, your pure soul, Everyone is humble and true just they need love to change themselves as we running to be successful we losing the relationships we losing our happiness we losing ourselves.

I saw many girls ladies women’s sacrificed their dreams for relationships\ for others happiness\ for society\ for your family\ for your love.

You’re pretty cool and amazing as you are.

However you’re, don’t compare yourself with other girls\ladies\woman’s,

We are different and unique, every person is special and master of their life.

Trust me, you are beautiful as you’re,

And also I dedicate this for my friend too.

— Aisha Shaina IM

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