Internet make him Fake

These days, it’s being so easy to get anything or learn everything online, and that’s like a good thing, anything in your mind, a thought or an idea, write to the Google and it will let you know what people think about it. Easy, isn’t it? How to be good manager, how to write about yourself, how to make a love letter impressive, how to get girl fall in love with you in easy steps? Everything just at one click at blue button with magnifying glass icon on it, which feels like a magic stick.

We are simply so much dependable on Internet that we stopped thinking ourselves. How can an guy online know better about me than myself? If all girls can be impressed by those easy steps, how is she my special one? So easily we learn to fake everything about ourselves without even realizing it once. Instead of learning by experiencing, we learn online. Even the emotions and intuitions are non reliable. You can’t see a person’s originality because he is not simply ready to remove his mask of rules and advises he got online about how should he be instead of who is he.

It’s time for a while to get your eyes from your devise to see into the skies and listen to the thunder who is reminding about You who is not someone else, who has different feeling for different things, different emotions, intuitions and creativity that can only be shared but can’t be matched online.