Boredom ? How to get rid of it ??
We often get bored when we sit idle, have ample time without any activity, no zeal in our daily work, lack interest in our surroundings and lead a monotonous lifestyle. Some people get bored for a brief period which is defined as brief boredom as it was due to some conditions around. However there are people who are bored all the time due to their loss of interest in daily living or people in their surroundings. This is called chronic boredom and people suffering from this type of boredom always blame others and the environment for this feeling.

Boredom, a negative emotional state often makes a person depressed and lonely and drives them to drink or smoke more. According to the information provided by the American Psychological Association, symptoms of boredom and depression also include unhealthy sleeping and dieting habit, loss of happiness and lack of life goals. People who tend to get bored are often grumpy,angry, aggressive, lack energy or zeal and perform poorly in their daily routine work. Bored people aimlessly flip pages of a book or surf tv channels, look outside the window, spend time in tranquility. One should try to find out ways to kill time and get out of boredom. Find a good hobby which keeps you engaged and yields immense pleasure. Hope some of the following activities helps to remove boredom:Games like billiards, card games, chess, table tennis or sports such as fishing, ice skating, biking,swimming, other watersports.

Handicrafts, which are often fun and triggers interest in individuals to do something creative.Learn to play a musical instrument such as guitar, piano or keyboard, flute etc.Listen to some soothing music or learn some good dance steps.Try making some new dishes and surprise your near and dear ones with some delicacies.Play with kids and you never know how time passes.If one gets bored it won’t affect anyone except you. Hence, it is our sole responsibility to cure boredom as we know best the things which can bring happiness and zeal in our life. Bid adieu to boredom !

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