Team Activity

We select 5 act of kindness by collaborating with each other that are as follow:

1-We planted 4 trees on canal road and felt excitement to contribute in overcoming environmental pollution.

2-We try to encourage our juniors for their extracurricular activities and give positive feedback on their participations. It will help to develop a good network with our junior.

3-We gave smile to every passing person for just a 15 min and responsively we got good response from people even after that we greeted with some people that help to improve networking. In this way you are giving respect to other and they think you are thinking positively for that person.

4-Showed gratitude by saying Asalam o alikum and thanks

5-We shared food with poor people on the road side, it feel us happiness as we would be able to overcome someone difficulties. By doing this act we feel Allah give us a chance to become source of happiness for others.

As a team we learned a lot of things as it is difficult to manage time and collaborate with other team members but it will be more productive to do a task as a team. When you done a task in a team your motivation level goes on higher and you also learned a lot of things from other members.

Good Collaboration and understanding other member’s ideas is the key of success while working in a team. By doing this activity we practically realize the importance of Team (aik or aik giyara) Concept and giving respect to other members thoughts is the way of success. Also good gratitude help all members to create a quality network.

It was an Awesome activity to perform as a Team.