Your Biggest Inspiration Could be Sitting Right Next to You

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As a writer, one can’t elude the writer’s block. Sometimes it lasts for just a day and sometimes it hits you like the plague and you know you’re in for the long haul.

To break the cycle, one looks for inspiration even in the unlikeliest of places. And more often than not these are objective things — a place travelled, a shopping trip, a piece of new technology, an enlightening experience.

We scourge near and far for that inspirational tipping point that will get the wheels churning and the creative juices flowing. Distant places, people, emotions and experiences.

But sometimes we forget to look right under our noses. Sometimes we forget about the people in our own backyards.

The urge to write began to grow inside my like a foetus during my college days. Being an avid reader had, perhaps, given birth to this itch to put my thoughts to paper too. But every time I opened a Word document on my computer and decided to try, I would hit the proverbial blank wall. This continued not for days or weeks but eventually, for years.

Until one day in the quaint town of Munich in Germany, after having settled in (my husband’s job had got us to move there), the itch had grown substantially and I decided to open a blog. But it remained untouched for many more days.

I decided to take a walk into town and meet some friends for a quick lunch. Surely I just needed a change of scene. It was a delightful afternoon full of engaging conversation and jovial laughter. The conversation meandered to relationships and our spouses. We exchanged fascinating stories about chance meetings, fleeting looks, heart-aches, arranged marriages, conflicting lives and converging loves.

That night I wrote my first blog piece on Marriage and relationships. A week later Huffington Post India published my piece!

It was like a tap had been turned on. Now there was no looking back. The words rolled out of me faster than I could type them and at times I churned out two or three pieces in a day.

People are the biggest storehouses of inspiration. Every person has a story and every person is a part of other peoples stories. Think of it like knitting. Two needles are a part of the story of a thousand different stitches.

The writer’s block still surfaces from time to time. Its the bane of every writer’s existence. But it also pushes you to do more and do better.

Today I write for a number of publications and also have a corporate job in Sales & Marketing.

Sometimes its the people in our lives that can be the biggest inspiration. Sometimes we don’t need to look too far. One relationship alone can inspire you to imagine the unimaginable. And if you can imagine it, you can do it. That becomes your starting point. From then on, the world is in your hands to create.