compared to what’s achieved by greats like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and others
Connecting the dots: where hard work and dreams can lead you
Max Koretskyi aka Wizard

Great article Max! thanks for sharing your personal journey.

I didn’t know a lot of the things you wrote, and it gives me better context to our first conversations we had 2 years ago (or so 😄)

One sentence that I wanted to address —

From my experience, comparing yourself to Elon Musk etc and by that “minifying” your achievements or self worth is a good recipe for not feeling happy or fulfilled.

I’m not saying that you say that, I’m just saying that the fact it was your instinct thinking that, indicates that it might be a pattern you’re doing.

I know it can be hard, especially to over achievers like yourself — but try to celebrate your smallest wins like your biggest.
(that’s why I’m glad you actually wrote this post and didn’t give up on it)

I understand why you almost didn’t, I feel the same a lot of the time, like the things I’m doing are not that special and there are a lot more people that achieved much more than me at what I’m doing, but I also noticed that it’s making me block my emotions towards the things I actually achieve.. so I stopped, and I focus on the effect my actions have on others instead.

There will always be people “ahead” of us in our goals, but (as you saw from the comments) the same goes for people we can teach and inspire ourselves. Personally, I try to focus on how to help the latter and take inspiration from the former (again, trying not to compare myself to them— because it usually comes from competitive mindset, which leaves me unfulfilled even after I achieve what I want).

I adopted the phrase “Life is about creativity and not competition” — from the book “the science of getting rich” — it makes me happier and less stressed to live life this way 😄

Again, good job on your hard and good work, keep being awesome and have fun on the way to the next big goal! ❤️