So tomorrow i will have my math exam!!! I in fact am…..Really scared because if i fail…well i have to do my WHOLE grade again and I dont want that to happen.So becuase of exams today is a day of for me and grade 1-? to prepare for my exams.

So most people think exams are bad,are those people right? Lets find out!

also when I mean lets find out I will not go into science.

So the very,annoying,SCARY exams are GOOD for you becuase,

  1. They show what position you are in. This means it shows if your good at that subject or bad.

2.They teach you how to handle stress,to control your fear and to work with your fear.

3. Exams are not really exams there just a normal sheet of paper with stuff on it in my opinion.Exams are just a test till your REAL exams what I call “The Life Exam”what is the real exam of life.

4.Exams help you learn and to test your skill for later years/grades.

5.Exams teach you to be strong when facing lots of work when in stress also they make you wise like Buddha.

So when YOU have your exams do not be scared and strictly DO NOT THINK OF FAILING or you will fail.

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