My Eid Experience

So a couple of weeks ago, it was Eid so I will be showing you what I did!

First, I’ll tell you what I think about Eid.

Here is a fact: In Eid, do you know that you sacrifice animals? Now, spell Eid backwards… the answer is ‘Die’ (DUN, DUN, DUUUUN….).

Okay, here is the main point:

  1. In Eid, we sacrifice animals because we are giving our stuff to God as a thank you. You give stuff to God through giving that food to homeless people.
  2. I think that sacrificing animals for God and giving it to poor people is a good and a bad thing. Its good because you are giving food to homeless for free but bad because you are killing an innocent animal. The solution to this cause is not to give a dead animal but maybe give some money (more than what you give to beggers).
  3. When it is Eid, all of the family gets together. The good thing is that the whole family gets together and you can finally meet everyone and eat together. But this can have some issues too. You may have a fight within the family and sometimes kindness competitions (everyone asking you to come to their house).

Now I’ll tell you what I did on three days of Eid.

Eid Day 1:

First we went to a mosque. In the mosque, there were people sitting, while a guy on the speaker said something I did not understand because it was in Urdu and Arabic, then everyone started to pray. I do not know how to pray so I just copied my dad. After that, every body started greeting each other while my dad was talking to one of his friends.When we left we stayed at our house for 1/2 hours(all of this was in Abbottabad). After that time we left for Ghari and I met all of my cousins and their parents. We played some game and bought sling shots and shot stones (not at eachother ;). While we were playing, there was an announcement on the speakers saying “Somebody (I forgot his name) has died please may you join us at 10 PM for funeral prayer.” After some time at 10 PM, I went to the place and did not pray but observed the proceedings. Then, we went to my cousins’ home and slept.

Eid Day 2:

When we woke up, I met my cousin and called all the other ones and started to play. We played all around the village games like Tag, hide and seek, and this game where you have to try get the person in your area for ten seconds. In the evening we left for Mansehra and my little cousin was sleeping so I woke her up and we played and played and played and I played with my little baby cousin (well not played but stayed with him). Then, I went outside with my uncle and fed my dogs, well at least the german shepherd I tamed. When I went outside, I realised, one of our dogs had a child. Then we went back inside and I played with my cousin and then went to sleep.

Eid Day 3:

When I woke up, I started to play with my little cousin and then when it became evening, I went to my cousin (who is 12) and we played on his xbox. We played games like: Devil May Cry 4 and A lego Batman game. When the electricity went off me, my cousin and his friends played a superhero game. Then, when the electricity came back on, we played on the xbox a little bit and then played hide and seek with his iPad. First we hid underneath his bed, next we hid next to his bed and Finally we, well I hid in the bathroom. Soon after some time it was night and I left back to Islamabad.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Soon there will be a blog about me going to Quetta after the Eid.

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