Sorry (lol i forgot this o:)

I’m really sorry guys I did not post stuff on Medium because i forgot Medium my friend in school Daheem reminded me of Medium.But anyways ill tell you what I have been doing so a couple of days ago i went swimming after school with Daheem at gun club.

pic of gun club

If you did not know I study at a school called Edopia they have there own Medium account named Edopia yea I know heres a pic.

pics of Edopia

Edopia is a school for changing the world. In Pakistan there is not good education there is but its very harsh.Unlike Edopia has good education,nice teacher,small classes,small school these are good for better education and better attention

I also play the guitar I know the basic chords e minor|e major|a minor|a major|c major|f major|g major and a little minor|d major|d minor.

Heres a pic of my guitar (its not my guitar but same type)

I chose this guitar because it look like mine when my mum did not paint it.

So thats it for today i GREATLY appoligize(dont blame i got the spellings wrong)I will now post Daily and tell you more tomorrow Bye!

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