What I've been doing lately


So if you dont know I've been playing alot of cricket so a week ago there was a oxford mini chapionship were I went. I did not play but my dad went to play he did pretty good but he did get out once. he did batting,bowling,fielding and wicket keeping. I myself also was playing cricket while my dad was.

Summer camps (lazertag)

So I've also been doing some summer camps.One of them is lazertag were we run in the woods and have lazer guns and shoot each other.

Summer camps(my old school)

some weeks ago I went to my old schools summer camp we played little activities like golf and hockey. At the end of the day we cooked marshmallows.

Summer camps(the most fun)

so this summer camp was good and bad. Bad because the normal activities are boring an fun because…… Well after some time you go to a lake and


(ringos are we your in a ring and go around a lake)

So thats it for now hoped you enjoyed and ill see you later