Digital Media in India

With the Prime Minister focusing more on Digital India, it is time to look at more quality content for popular consumption. How do we bring in quality to the content? It requires greater knowledge base and skill sets among the content developers. Anyone with just an average language skill can not afford to create quality content. There is a need for understanding the context and culture!

Every Journalism Training Institute in India has a department called New Media. The irony is that they themselves are really confused on defining the term New Media! Is it Web Journalism that is called New Media Journalism? In my opinion it is not! New Media has a huge canvas. It deals with every possible aspects of content delivery to a digital gadget.

With the increase in speed of bandwidth conditions, it is time to look at possible opportunities for better content development. Content that will attract the users to get glued in.

And it is possible! The first thing I would like to suggest is that we need to create as many as New Media Incubation Centers attached to the Journalism Institutes. The New Media Entrepreneurs will get hands on training here to create and develop successful revenue models for their digital media projects. It is like making them understand the revenue potential of their content will depend on the credibility and usability. The target audience should look forward to the release of the content often.