DevOps engineer interview questions

Questions I was asked on a DevOps engineer interview

A little background ,about me

-Former Front-end Developer,

-Transitioned to the field of DevOps

Overall Experience : Around 2 years

The questions are as follows

1. Why did I choose DevOps?

2. What I like in this?

3. What do I know about IAAS and IAC ?

4. The complete CI/CD workflow,

5. How do I log, monitor production environments?

6. Explaining about the downtime/Outage which happened previously and How did I resolve?

7. Rollback mechanisms,

8. What happens in the backend when I access a website ? About loads, cache, Networks, Load balancers, etc.

9. Experience working with CI/CD tools,

10. My Complete DevOps stack which I have worked on,

- Cloud,

- CI tools,

- CD tools,

- Logging.

11. Difference between SRE and DevOps Engineer,

12. Experience working with VMs,

13. Resource management in Kubernetes clusters,

14. Horizontal scaling Vs Vertical scaling,

15. Microservices,

16. Serverless,

17. How will I find the cost effectiveness for specific services?

18. IP Whitelisting,

19. Static IP addresses.

These were the questions I was asked on one of my recent interviews.

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